Friday, March 28, 2014

Thursdays Already Done List

Woke up in pain.  Did TaiChi and the stretching exercises that I learned in fencing class.  It helps. I'd prefer to do this rather than take aspirin etc   Still Pain Day and a rain day.  The idea of climbing in bed with the pups and reading for the rest of the afternoon sure sounds good.  I have stuff ready for lunch/supper.  Cut up potatoes, onions, celery, and peppers for the potato salad last night so I just cut up the rest for vegetable soup today. Pup asked for a Reuben sandwich.  Thought I'd have to go to the store for bread but found some  so we're good. Guess it's a wash clothes, change sheets, and clean the kitchen day.

Vegetable soup, corn bread, tea, and cobbler sounds really good.

Thursday was a rest and reflection day.

WB and I walked over to look at the west section.  I presented my case for handling budges and for the next part  of planning for the farm.  I thought it would be another one of those, "I talk and then he says nothing" days but he finally started to participate. He told me that I'm doing a good job and then asked about something that I'd hoped to do for the dogs.

In the afternoon, I started the budgeting process. Sorted through stuff and began organizing the paper work that I have. It was oddly Zen.  Taking what looked like random and trying to see the patterns was fun. I find that if I can impose some type of order to this kind of random, even if initially it seems to take a while, will fall into place.  At that point, zooooooooom, it goes much faster. It's the same for the limbs.  I have a staging area now to (possibly chip) limbs.  I had enough work done so that I could explain why I may or may not need to use one.  Plus it's very close to where the trees were cut so I don't have to move them far. And when I do move them to the staging area?  They'll be very easy to handle.  This is important because of the time/cost factor.  I only have 12 hours work time with the chipper.  I don't want to spend an time moving or processing limbs when I should be chipping them.  I showed WB a couple of washes in progress that we could use the limbs to stop.  I also told him how I'd hoped to use the trunks for fire wood and for construction. I'd like to build a couple of foot bridges and I might could use the the tree trunks.  Could possibly use them to make a wood pile.  Wood piles are supposed to be up off the ground so that the wood doesn't rot.  Keeps the snakes and mice out too. I'd like to save the lumber for two small storage sheds.  Any harvested trees that are used instead of burned or chipped is a good thing. (Martha Stewart)

Afterwards I cooked supper (hamburger steak and potato salad with iced tea, watched the weather, and loaded the dishwasher.
I was really happy to get to bed and didn't even take time to read.

Today (Friday) it is  indeed raining. It must have started early this morning.  I've been up since 5:30. Did a mini set of TaiChi and then decided to eat breakfast before taking a shower.  (  grilled cheese, cottage cheese, sweet pickles, and orange juice.)  I'm going to have to take Big Dog outside for his run and poop.  Thought that a hot shower after would be better than one before.  There's no lightening in this rain and I have a raincoat and rainboots BUT it's still a wet activity. Plus, Big Dog will want a hug. He'll be wet and I'll end up covered in Big Dog hair..  Good thing that he's sweet.

The prediction is for rain today and tomorrow so I'll be inside washing clothes. I'd rather have spent it outside. At least we knew this was coming and I could plan for it.

Better change  for outside.

Hope that everyone has a good day.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Up early. Very early. Before 5AM early.  Got to visit with Pup.

Already done list?

Visit with Pup.
Get the videos for the coming week.
fold clothes
dry clothes
wash clothes
load dishwasher
feed the pups
exercise the pups
clean the kennels
in other words. the daily stuff for the pups.
collect the mail
go with WB to sort the chain saw
eat lunch with WB
run errands (I know, I know I didn't think that I'd be running errands but there were things to do.)
grocery shop
things for budget
chipper shredder
return shoes/sweater
grocery shop
Yep two grocery shop. I shop at two places (well actually 3) because of pricing. Once you've seen a gallon of milk sell for more than a gallon of gas? You pay attention. Unlike a sitting president, I know how to pump my own gas and I buy my own groceries.
Something on the list that I had no idea would happen but glad that I did? I met someone new. I was bold and brave and well she seemed like such an interesting person. I was glad because she was an interesting person.  She is a published author and someone who must be very smart to have done the things that she's done. Reminds me very much of my paternal aunt.
If that weren't enough, I made an unscheduled side trip and crossed paths with someone from my past. A very good teacher. I didn't realize how much I missed her classes until I hugged her neck. It felt good. This will be a bit of a rearranging of my plans but I'm good with it.

I love to talk to accomplished women.  The ones who move mountains. The ones who teach people and change their lives as a matter of who they are.  These two women are who they are and they don't apologize for it at all.  I kind of like that.  It's as if doing great things were as natural as breathing and the path they take? Self evident. It's a relief.  They don't hide under a shell and they enjoy life. I learn things from them.

Ah, almost forgot. Went to see about a chipper.  Oh wow. I had no idea how much the durn things cost to rent and to buy. Add to it the delivery charge and oh wow.  This isn't quite as clear a choice as the chainsaw.  The "you can buy it for the cost of one day's rental" isn't quite true.  The rental can chew up a tree. When I showed the man the limbs that I'm cutting he said that it would be easy. The chipper/shredder to buy isn't quite the same. I'm going to read about it. At the moment they're both "fruit" and more like an apple to oranges kind of comparison. (Lol, I'm writing but every once and a while, I hear my internal voice go, "Holy cow. Those women are really amazing. Here we were talking about the everyday and I'm thinking these are people who have had real impact on our society. Honest.) Anyway, I'll be seeing about the chipper and hopefully have things sorted by the end of next month.  It was a good start.


I met someone who might like to have some of the trees that we're thinning out.  He makes walking sticks. Hope he'll call

I'm glad that I canceled the appointments. It has resulted in an over due conversation about money, expenses, and how we spend.  The big relief to me is that we're not broke. (Attention hackers. Don't get your hopes up. Going from a 10 cent budget to a 20 cent budget may be a doubled income but it's still not what you're expecting. Go elsewhere please. ) I'm just glad that there is money for the pups to get their shots, meds, exams, etc.  I can breath. I was so worried about them and now it's better.

Have started the budgeting process. Talked to WB about it at lunch. I was worried that he might be aggravated but he was pretty good about it. It's good for us all.

I think that's it.
Still have to put up stuff. Collect the dog. Take a bath.  Fold clothes, dry clothes, and wash cloths. Make sure that the dishes are washed.

(And maybe watch alittle LLS too.)

Had the silliest idea.  I told WB that I didn't think anyone would ever look at me and say sweet nothings. I look at people in the shops and then I'll catch my image in the mirror.  There in that reflection is practical. I have a great smile. There are crinkles at the eyes. My eyes are a pretty color and the silver in my hair is nice.  BUT, As far as sexy? Lol I have to laugh at the idea. The idea I had looking at my reflection in the car window was, "I wonder if I could, like Justin Timberlake, bring sex back?"  Somewhere in the last 20 years I've lost that. I have photos from when I was younger. I actually had a life then. Now, I'm so busy being busy. My life has turned practical. Practical shoes, jeans, jacket, and cap. The last pair of boots that I've put on these feet were camo snake boots. Part of this has been motherhood but lately it's because of the activities here.  It's practical and a good idea for what we're doing. I would however like to try something at least alittle pink. Bringing the zebra push up bra out of moth balls might help. What I need is something powerful.

I was thinking of doing aerobics while watching/listening to the LLS with CF. 

Maybe this

The problem is that when I see this video it's just so ridiculous that I start laughing.

Not good for squats. I'll fall over.

Maybe I'll be lucky and he'll do something alittle less overt.

Plus the sexiest thing I think that I've seen him do is when he interviews and author or academic and they talk about philosophy or music. That makes me smile. I can see how truly handsome the man is.
But then I think, "Is it weird to think about a married guy as sexy?" 

Am I weird to be turned on by a guy when he talks about ideas?

Ah well.

I've got to do something. I don't want to grow old and moldy like a half eaten chicken sandwich.

BBL Going to see who's on tonight.

Back tomorrow with the Thursday ADL.




Already done list

Not a lot of different tasks done but some important ones. 

I cancel three appointment. It felt right and I think it will prove an excellent decision in the long run. We've constantly been told that we were broke and that we had to be exceedingly careful about spending. Then I saw the bank statement.

After years of being "brow beat" by both my parents and WB on the issue of money?  I finally stopped being the person who worked so cheap and who balanced the family budget. By cancelling these appointments and saying outloud that it was due to lack of money, I forced certain people to come out and show just how money was being spent. There was and is money for my dogs.  :(

This was an easy and yet a difficult thing to do. I know that my dogs will not suffer.

I also
cleaned the dog kennels
exercised dogs
gave the dogs lap time
checked for ticks
fed the chickens

I was going to finish the rest of the day by pulling limbs but instead did something better.

Spent time with Pup learning about something he likes very much. I learned much about the computer and about pup.

dishwasher load/unload
wash and folded clothes
went to sleep.

It really was a productive day even if there wasn't a lot of tasks done.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunday already done list

clipped and move some limbs (not much though)
washed and bathed 3 dogs.
Didn't really get much done nor did I rest :(


Up early
walked and fed Big Dog
sorted out pups

Talked to Pup about budget and life

Not looking forward to Tuesday

Much to do and not doing isn't the best.