Saturday, January 28, 2012



Does anyone know anybody in Antartica?  It's the only continent that I haven't gotten a view from.  If you know of anyone, will you ask then to come view my blog?




Dear Gentle Readers,

I know.

Not Christmas.

LOL but guess what?

This evening? It just feels like it is.


(Look it's like a Christmas tree)

WB, Pup, and I are going

to spend the next year

having fun.

Mele Kalikimaka.



Friday, January 27, 2012


Yo' UK. Talk to me and I'll hang out abit longer.

In the comments?

Who are you and where are you from?


Come onnnnn. I'm posting Beatles and Atom Ant.


Found this on Youtube.

This post and then it's a night.


The poetry has been a bit rough.

A lullaby.


You have a choice.
You can look forward into your life.
You can look into the future.
You can shed the past sadness like a heavy coat.
You can cling to it and hide within it.

Now on a cold day?
Hiding warm and safe in that coat is good.
But on a sunny day like today?
Why would you hide in that sweaty, scratchy, uncomfortable existance?
It's sunny.
Look at the faces offering hugs.
How will they hug you?
They'd try because they love you but would you ask them that?
Shed that dark coat and walk barefooted.

c anne ford

I was remembering.

I'm watching that Lorax movie. I don't care if someone tells me it's not cool. I don't care.
Betty White is in this movie.
Of course I'll go see it.


12 dots disclaimer.

This is 12 dots and a blot.
It's a writer's journal.
Fact and fiction co exist here.
If you don't know which is which?
Do not ASSume.

The Author of this blog.

I once extracted one word from 5 separate factual occurances, mixed them together, and wrote a completely new sentence unrelated to any of the factual. So please, don't ASSume. Ask.

Other than  the song Goody Two Shoes?  I'm as new to Adam Ant's music as I'd have been in the early 80's.

Not reliving the dream. 

Just like the music.


Very good idea to read the comment section of posts from now until February 15th. I'm writing in the comments as well as adding posts.

Still not comfortable enough on this blog to write Interactive Blog Stories. I don't know why. Well actually it's because the dang this are labor intensive. I'm a slacker and those stories are work.

Still I am writing now so maybe---

LOL The AtomAnt song, "Stand And Deliver" (this version) is kind of fun as a mind worm. Think it had something to do with the video but I'm going around the house singing, "Sttaaaaannnnddd and deeeliveeeerrrr..."

From another AA

Cya in a bit.

Welcome to 12dots.

I'm glad to have you reading.

Come back any time.


Soon will be Valentine's Day.

That holiday started by an old man giving gifts to someone much, much younger that he was.

I like to call it VD.

Now as said in previous post, I normally hide out in my Valentine's Day hurricane hole until all the sappy stories are over.

This year?

Trying something different.

Writing poetry.

Like this (tee hee)

My love,

Your lips are like two red hemorrhoids.

Whenever you do pout.

Which would explain the excrement

That come from out your mouth.

Your hair?

The shade of new mown hay.

'Cause you pissed your colorist off.

When you said he sounded

Like some two bit hooker with a hacking cough.

So here for you this Valentine's gift.

A tube of  hemorrhoid cream.

Next time be nice to others.

Don't be so fecking mean.


c anne ford

My English teacher is going to be so proud.



Thursday, January 26, 2012



It rained.
And it rained.
And then it rained some more.
The wind blew.
And it blew.
And then it blew some more.

In other words it was NOT a sunny day.

The dogs spent today growling.
They growled at each other.
They growled to them selves for no reason.

Pup tells me that he's under the weather in more ways than one.
WB arrives to say that he feels same.
The dogs growl some more.

With one or two more things to do?
I plan to turn on the tv and watch the Big Bang Theory.
Then it's out in the rain with condolences to the pup who has to go back out in the kennel.
Clean water for the chickens.
(I think putting out the water at night works better. This morning he tried to gore me with his chicken feet again.)
Check their food while he roasts - I mean - roosts.

Let the dogs run.
(While humming "Let The River Run" by Carly Simon)

Wash their bowls.
Make sure that the kennel is okay.

Pat the now unhappy pup on the head.

Go inside.

Hope that there is hot water.
(WB has decided to wash towels.)

Wash my hair and take a bath.

Go to sleep.

Ah and thank God that we only had wind and rain and that I met a really nice person this morning.

Sunshine during a hail storm meeting that man.

Hope that  you have had, at the very least, and interesting day.

Good night.


"...It's a beeeeutiful day in the nei--bor--hood. A beeeutiful daaa ---"

Good morning. Today is only beautiful if you like tornado watches and thunderstorms.

I'm good with that. Matter of fact while my "bio" might read "...likes long walks on the beach..."  I'm okay with a thunderstorm.  Some big theatrical thunderboom.

Back later.

Welcome Gentle Readers.



Wednesday, January 25, 2012


First a call to R Burns

At sunrise we begin.
The journey at times light but often not.
The craftsman measures the journey.
With skill honed with years of practice.
In earnest he builds his legacy.
Working to see
That at the end of the day his life is square with his brothers.
But at the end of the day all is not work.
For there in the twilight.
He lays down his tools of work.
And begins to sing of company and joy.
So sing and be merry this night.
Sing of a day well lived.
Drink a toast to the kindness of the days before.


A toast.


One look at you and I know for certain God exists.

For only an artist with divine talents could create.

Fair face.

Quick step.

A flash of eye and intellect that moves mountains with a brief wink.

Man crashes and thrashes about the Earth.

While you?

With one whisper, quiet the beast and humble him.

Iron wills in velvet.

We are blessed with your company.



Poem/toast two

Man, how does one tame the wind.

Civilizations rise with you might.

The sound of your fierce nature trembles in the mountains.

Blessed with your noble call.

We answer.


three toasts by c anne ford  25 Jan, 2012  in honor of  Robert Burns night.


More poetry.

This is the sappy stuff.

I realize that Valentine's Day will be here pretty quick and alot of guys are in trouble because they're broke.

You need help?

Well guess what?

I used to be a Cupid.

Honest to goodness.

People paid me to send Valentines greetings to their girlfriends, wanna be girl friends, wives, ex wives, etc.

I was pretty good at it.

So while I normally hide out from today until Feb16?

I think this year I'll try something different.

To begin?

An original poem.



My love is writ on her face.

The pink flush of new roses on her cheeks.

The blue of her eyes?

Is it wisteria or violets?


Rare does she stare into my eyes.

Soon as the rose blooms.

She looks away.

In Spring she's dressed in periwinkles and the green of clover.

In winter?

Soft fluzzy sweaters like snow.

C Ann Ford


All rights to this poem owned by the author which means if you rip it off with out giving credit you are either going to get diseases OR you're going to go blind, it's going to shrivel up, and then?

 Fall off.

So pay up or give credit.



Ms. Burnside's Ode to a Stinky Rose

Ah love, you're like a big red nose.

On a clown.
(You are a nutter.)

Or maybe like that Brando scene.

The one with all the butter.

Big it is.

Your sorry azz.

What brays it's delusional song.

It brays and brays and brags it's length

While in fact it's short not long.

Oh I will sing a song my dear

Until the seas go dry

It's not the length nor breadth

My dear

It's the humor of the guy.


I love poetry.

Another Day In Denial - dise

tee hee

tee hee

oh woe

Is me

I think

That I

Should single be

For I have seen

The "promised land"

And I'll tell you ladies

It's ain't that grand.

I hear the tales.

Of length and breadth

That rival oceans.

Deep, deep depths.

But truly

Bring a microscope

If you're to have

Any hope

of seeing this

supposed wonder.

Heralded by all this thunder.

It's not that grand.

This boastful plunderer.

Please, don't blink.

Or you'll miss what's under.

c anne ford


for RBurns' night revels.



I hear that soon t'will be Valentine's Day or as I like to call it VD

And so?

An Ode to Valentine's Day

It tells us all.

How it pleases?

From what I hear?

It spreads diseases..


Note from Author Ann . What's not original is credited to the author. Any resemblance to you? We'll if there is I send my condolences to the  tiny tiny tiny spear that you carry around with you.  Nothing a sock and a good lie - I mean story -  won't cure.

Back out into the sunshine which I hear is good for disinfecting things.

Ah sunny day,

Oh sunny disposition.




Few things are worse than being bored.

Let's see.

Ah so I was looking at the blog stats and there I saw that someone from the UK was reading my blog. Woke up this morning in such a sorry, sorry state. All self absorbed and weepy about my life. But then there it was someone reading my blog and then the blog was all a Twitter about it Being Robert Burns night tonight and what "party piece" by Mr. Burns will you be reciting tonight and well the person from the UK who read my blog was reading the blog post about the ants.

Which of course had Goody Two Shoes by Atom Ant as the song. (Stream of consciousness, for mercy's sake keep up)


Found this.

Like a dream, all the bits of unrelated flotsom and jetsum came alive


It goes like this.

Weepy over friend in Ireland which put me in a very sad mood. Gloom. Leads to blog where UK person is reading the post about Ants. I check the Tweets to find the quintessential now American Scot helpfully reminding us all that tonight is Burns night and do you have a poem for tonight. So of course, tonight being Robert Burns' night? I go looking for a poem but my mind being distracted by that Mind worm of a song Goody Two Shoes reminded me of Atom Ant which leads to this song which for some reason reminds me of a Robert Burns poem.

Mystery solved.

No longer weeping into my cereal.

Now mind is distracted and filled with joy at the idea of someone other than myself being in a tour bus for 7 whole hours listening to Robert Burns recitations.

I suggest Atom Ant.


(and yes, I did the run on sentences on purpose.)


Ah no, I'm thinkin' that I've been banned for a Tweet.


Must think of favorite things to pick up my spirits.

LOLOLO Nothing says fun like a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong car or bus ride.

However to pass the time.



In honor of my heritage

Dad's family came from Scotland but then so did half the pulp wooders round here. :D

So today is Robert Burns Day?

Instead of reciting poetry?

Here's a quote from a book entitled Robert Burns by JC Campbell Shairp

from page  72

"Burns have you nothing to say of this?" "Nothing, madam," he replied glancing over at the leader of the party, "for an ass is braying over it."


Nothing says fun, fun, fun, like a 7 hour bus trip with mile after mile of Robert Burns recitations.


"Ohh my lurv is like a red, red, roooooossse."


"Growing old is such a bitter sweet complication of any life."


c anne ford




Dear Person from the UK who has been reading my blog this AM,

Just wondering if I might know you. If so?

If so? You speak French and can tell me what the heck this song is about. (LOL, and you'd probably think it was funny. :/ maybe not. sigh)

Do you mind saying something?

Like maybe, "Hello."

What part of the UK are you from.  Not complete geography idiot. Know that you could be from Ireland, Wales, Scotland, or England.

I'm delighted to have someone reading my blog from the UK and that you might have found the "ants" blog post. Not sure how you found it. Accident or devine intervention, each is an interesting road.

Anyway, hello, welcome, say something. I'd love to chat.

Politics free post. No agendas.

As I've already mentioned, I'm a writer.  I like to write poetry and short story fiction.

There are so many different ways to tell a story.

I used to chat with a writer who's style was very much different than mine but good. Funny. She liked my stories. I liked hers.

Kind of like relationships, sometimes the people who are the most opposite can forge a relationship stronger than those who are the same.

She was one of the few people who made a promise to me and kept it.

And for a while she gave me a virtual place to be at a time when I really did need some notion of promises kept and kindness. I'm grateful to her.

Even though it would be a long shot that she would see this, I'm going to have faith that she will come across it someday and know how much our brief friendship meant to me. The idea that there are nice people in the world, that in their heart of hearts they are kind, keeps hope alive.

I'm keeping the light on thevirtual front porch on for you. There's food in the fridge and I've made a place for you to sleep. When you wake? There will be stories and a cup of coffee to share. Hugs.

Politics in the next post. I hope that you'll take the time to read the State of the Union speech. The president talked about alot of stuff so it might take a bit to absorb it all. Then please read the minority speech too.

Somewhere in all these words, I'm hoping that there is an answer for the problems that our country is having.

Keeping the faith and actually optimistic.  No matter how different our solutions may seem, there is an answer for us all.

Honestly proud to be an American.



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"In politics? The speeches are always pretty AND  the "devil" most always is in the details." 

I know that I don't usually write about politics in this blog, but I'm going to make the exception.

If you haven't already, I would suggest finding a written copy of President Obama's 2012 State of the Union speech and also a copy of the minority rebutal. Read it, fact check, compare your own experiences with that talked about during the speeches. Then, if you are able, listen to the speech with copy in hand. I know that it's time consuming but since President Obama is running for re election in November, think of it as preparation for the presidential election.

You  should also think of the minority rebutal as preparation for the 2016 presidential race. The man who gives the rebutal speech was asked to run for president this year but declined. I think that he was worried that given all the problems in his party (Republican) as well as the country that he might loose in 2012. I'm also thinking that he might be using the next 4 years to build support for a 2016 bid.

Enough politics.

Added to the "already done list", took a nap. Yep, I did. Woke up feeling refreshed.


Out the door and into the world. The next several blog posts are different.  Don't let it throw you Gentle Reader. If you have questions? Ask.

I'm glad to have readers but thought that maybe it was time for the old "12dogs" disclaimer. I've posted it on the old blog and this one too but maybe some folks missed it.

PS. While I'm certain to keep this blog up and running, I'm thinking it's time for a change - and a new writer's blog. I lost the last blog because the blog host stopped being a blog host.  I just have an idea so that I can write fact and fiction and may need a new format. I miss the InterActive Blog Stories.  Stay tuned. Will let you know when it's up and running. Will write here too. Ann


I have folks who read the blog from other countries. If you don't know what I'm talking about you can check here

or Google.

Sorry for the serious nature of the post.  These tornadoes have hit pretty close to home.

Family is fine. Talked to my mom. They're all okay.


The tornadoes that ripped through parts of Alabama this past weekend did cause another mess. Some of the areas that were hit this weekend were also hit during last April's storms. Like I pay attention to hurricanes, I pay attention to tornado season.  We live and have family who live in hurricane and tornado prone areas. We are well aware of what the tornado sirens sound like because we hear them. I know about evac routes and contra flow because we have family that have to evac when it's bad. So you learn.

Problem is that this years tornados are very, very early. 

Is it Global Warming? I don't know.  If you can help the folks who've been hit by this change, I hope you will. Many organizations are asking for money but there's other ways to help. There are clothing drives. There are blood drives. After the April storms, people who we know went to help and found out that the best thing they did was to listen. For some Alabamians this is the second year in a row that they've been hit with tornadoes. When it happens again? It's frightening. People can use a sympathetic ear to know that they aren't alone. They need to know that people do care about what they're going through. We aren't the only state that is experiencing weather problems. Texas and Californina have fires. There are hurricanes that have made it up the Eastern coast. You might not be there to help in the aftermath, but maybe if you Twitter to someone or pass along weather information that you see on your television that can help. Sending folks a hug helps. Just listening or chatting with someone on line can help. Weather reports and  shelters, you might hear about it on your news cast or read about it on the Internet before we do.

In the aftermath of any weather problem, information is very important.

Accurate information is as important as a monetary donation.

If you can help?  If you can Tweet to let others know about victims of the weather mess?  I hope that you will help. 

Please remember that the information must be accurate.



Welcome to 12dotsandablot

A writer's journal.

Fact and fiction co exist here.

If you don't know which is which?

Do not ASSume.


Dear Internet Person(s) who have been reading my blog,

I've written this before on this blog but I'm thinking now that I should add it to the bottom of each post.

I'm a writer. This blog and the last one is a place to exercise my writer's voice. Some of the thing I write about and will continue to write about are true. But some of what I write is fiction. This isn't an Internet diary.


A few facts.

I don't write here to deceive people or try to get sympathy by telling a lie. My dad really did nearly die. Was on ventilators and in critical care. It was one of the more difficult times in my life. So I wrote about it.

I am working on a story called Winter Solstice. You'll see snippets of it here on the blog. I do this sometimes because an idea will turn up and I want to remember it. Other times I'm sitting with it a bit. I want to see if it's still worth reading.

While I used to write about politics in the old blog? I don't so much here. Do I pay attention to the political world? Yes, definitely. Like the weather, we are affected by the comings and going of our politicians. This year is a primary year. In November, we elect a president. I'm watching the early debates because there are usually candidates who don't make it to the finally elections. Just because they don't end up on the final ballot doesn't mean they aren't noteworthy. Howard Dean didn't make it out of the primaries but he did go on to very much mold the outcomes of future elections. I'd heard Barack Obama speak at the DNC before he was on the national ballot. He spoke at the DNC convention when John Kerry was the nominee. I watched the determination of the Hillary Clinton supporters during the Democrat primaries and then after.   I watched as people who truly believed in their candidate  finally have to give up when their choice lost. It wasn't easy for them  Especially difficult for the Howard Dean, John Edwards, and Hillary Clinton supporters to finally have to give in. I watched the Democrat primary because there were so many people running.

I have a feeling the same thing is happening in the Republican primaries so I'm watching them.

Politics is not something I over look. I just stopped writing about it. For me, it's a personal choice and the last primary got to be a mean, "say anything to get your person elected" brawl. I watched people who believed in their candidate be attacked and I watched people use slurs that were just wrong;  factually and ethically wrong. Around here? They call that mean. There was use of what we call the "N" word about people that we don't use here. I have friends who were grown during the Civil Rights era. That word cuts and hurts people. All to get a person elected. 

So I quit writing about politics but I didn't "drop out" nor am I hunkering down for the Mayan end of times. Nope. It's just that after one particularly hard hurricane, after watching folks here turn on the generators so that they could keep the stuff in the freezed frozen AND actually have aircondition when we were hot?  I kind of started thinking local. It's like the folks who live in Alaska have airplanes and snowmobiles. It may seem like a luxury if you're in NYC but in Alaska it's a necessary. So out here where we have storms the folks with chainsaws for farming? Use them for clearing the driveway and the road. They need to go see about the cows.  Last year when roads were blocked after the tornadoes? People got out the four wheel drives and the chain saws that they use the rest of the year and used them to clear the road.  Sorry not an "end of timer" or "preparing for economic colapse or weather chaos" .  I'm not into it. If you are that's your business but if you met us you'd not find that we were hording for the coming end time and there are definately no "manifestos" in my future.

That's a fact.

And here's another one. I will not feel guilty about the way I spend my money. I am very aware of what it's like to not have the money to spend. I'm not a spend thrift but if I want to leave a big tip for a waiter or waitress who's been extremely nice, if I want to give money to an artist who's living on peanut butter cause they aren't selling, or if I want to buy a flat screen tv (which by the way was on super dooper closeout sale)? I'm going to. I lived below my means for a long time. When banks tried to give us lots of money to buy a house? We said no because we knew we'd have to pay it back in an economy that didn't look so good.. My first job? I got my first paycheck at age 13. I didn't start the economic crisis but I can remember thinking that what was happening was a bad idea. I even wrote about the banking crisis and the economic activities in Washington DC before the bailout. So did others and it turns out we were right. How the government spends taxes? That's all of our business. But as to how I spend what money I have, that is my business.  So please go lecture somewhere else.

That is also a fact.

AND -- finally --

I've just got to say this.

I do not engage in relationships that come from the Internet. I really and truly don't. If I don't know you by talking to you face to face? I'm not going to engage in any relationship with you. For one? I'm not interested because I happen to be involved in a relationship. I don't think they'd be happy if I engaged in any other personal relationships.   For two? Gentle Readers, statistically?  I'm probably not your type; not your sexual orientation nor your biological orientation. If you met me? You might not think that I was sexy at all. So do not read this blog and think, "Oh I'd love to meet this disinherited, blog writer." While it is factually true that I was disinherited? You must ask, "Disinherited from what and why?"

 I'm going to write what I used to call the 12dogs disclaimer alot on my blog to remind readers that there's fiction here.

Fact and fiction folks.

Now I do like dogs, sailing, and Pup. That's true.

Just don't ASSume everything else written on this blog is true.

Not a good idea.

I'm not trying to lie to you. 

I am a fiction writer. Believe it or not to be a good fiction writer, you have to practice.

THAT is what this blog is all about.  Again? NOT a diary.

If you don't know us and you don't know what's true? If I write something that worries you?  Then use the comments and ask. Otherwise you could be worried over a story that I'm working on. A FICTION STORY.


There is one thing that is true. 

The fact is that I have responsibilities here and need to get to it. I talked to my mom and my family is okay.

Hope you have a good day. Gentle Readers.  Go help someone. Go for a walk. 


Author Ann


Monday, January 23, 2012


Today's "already done list" ?

Fact. It's been a LOOONG week.  Just because I know how to use a clean out "snake" to clear a plumbing line doesn't mean I'm happy about it.

It was wet.
We're all soggy.

Best I can say? I finally took a nap. I was soo tired of all the "stuff". Worry that my parents might have been hurt in the tornadoes. Worried about the plumbing. Worry about Pup. Worry about the pup who's been sick.


I just let it go. LOL I went and sat in the truck and felt so tired that I laid down my head on the bag of dog food and fell asleep. I had been told that the bad weather missed my family, that the animals and people in my life were okay. WB was there and he was handling the plumbing and the gate that mysteriously feel off it's hinges. I just looked at him and thought, "He's here. I'll be okay."

Then I went to sleep.

Woke up and he and Pup had indeed fixed the plumbing problem and the gate. They'd walked the pup and then cooked. They'd even washed a load of clothes.

It was such a relief.
I was grateful.

Didn't get to sleep until 4am and then back awake to walk and feed the animals at 7:30am.
Haven't had much sleep for the last month. Heck, who am I kidding. Haven't had much sleep since October a year ago. It's been a really bad year. I try not to think on it. Only think about the good that does happen. Otherwise, I'd start to cry. That's no good. Have to think positive to go forward.

Good that has happened.

My dad didn't die. He didn't end up a vegetable on a ventilator. He's back on his tractor and driving. He can do the little things that we all take for granted. I'm glad. We might not talk to each other now but I do know that he's okay. He did tell me that he loved me. We got to do something together for Father's Day.

The plumbing problem is fixed.  The gate is on the hinges. Pups okay. Our dog isn't going to die and in another 30 days she should be able to run again.

I am writer even if I don't have alot of people reading what I write. Some day.

Pup loves fencing. He really does. I don't know how he's learned all he has but I'm  proud of him.

We have a place for the animals if it gets un naturally cold or hot. No more animals in all parts of the house when the temperature goes below freezing.

I got a nap and I'm going to bed early.

True I didn't get to see Craig Ferguson's concert, I did make WB very happy with the big tv and the fact that he didn't have to take me to see a concert in all the bad weather or a work night. He's also delighted that I didn't have to come back alone, in the dark, and during tornado warnings.

We're all still here.

I'd post a song here but - well - I think I'll skip the You tube. (I'd post the song Bring On The Rain but you'll have to YouTube it instead. Sorry.


Please note. If Mr. Adkins or his representative didn't have anything to do with my blog posts being blocked? I'll happily post his songs on my blog. I really and truly do love his music. Especially fond of And she thinks we're just fishing song. LOL If only my dad had done that.  I'm hoping that I'm wrong but if now and until them?

 I will no longer be posting Trace Adkins' music on my blog.

You cannot imagine how sad this makes me.

I've been a real fan of Mr. Adkins' music. Always thought it was decent and sent a really positive, but not preachy,  message to the world about life and family.  So if it was possible for me to include it? I did happily. I didn't get any financial gain from doing so AND I always gave credit and used the original music. No covers for his work.

I love music. It's a part of my world and I'm happy to include it with my blog posts. As a writer, I know the importance of not taking credit for other folks work. If Mr, Adkins didn't want folks to post his songs on YouTube or on the blogs he simply sent a notice and guess what? The video posted a message and that was it. Instead the entire blog post was blocked even after I removed the video. A reader couldn't see the comments nor comment. This meant that not only were my words censored but so were others who would read and comment. Maybe folks who would say really great things about Mr. Adkins' music (free publicity from fans).

It's one thing to block the video but when you block a persons' blog post so that their original words can't be seen as well?  When you prevent folks from commenting on my work or reading the comments of others?

You are censoring work that doesn't belong to you.

That's not right.

This is a recent occurrence and wouldn't be surprised if it were someone trying to make a point about the recent legislation that would have censored the Internet.

All you've done is taken a writer's original work and censored it.

I've been working very hard to write something that folks would want to read. Like many new writers, I'm trying desperately to get readership.  Now how will the writer's agent or the reader see my words if you've blocked them? These are my words you have no right to block them.

I'm not giving any publicity to gorilla tactics or ass holes. Yes, I said it. Ass holes.

I am going to say feck it.

It's been a crap year. Instead of making a political statement? You've just made it crappier for someone who just didn't need it. Especially not today when I was worried sick that my elderly parents might have been hurt in the tornadoes that flew through Alabama. Thanks alot.

Whoo hoo.

Signed the author and creator of 12dotsandablot.


First off prayers to the folks  who lost loved ones in today's and yesterday's storms. Hugs to the folks in Arkasas, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and especially in Alabama where there's been deaths reported. After last year,  those tornado warning sirens make us all jumpy.

Relatives okay.

Animals okay.

I'm okay but really tired. Rain's stopped here and the temperature is dropping from the fitful hot to unusually warm. We've been sleeping with the AC for last couple of nights. It's January. The ground is saturated with water. I'm praying that there's no more big wind or we'll start having trees falling. The last two January have had unusally cold weather.  Now it's freakishly hot. We can see Orion in it's Winter sky but the trees and plants are blooming like it's March or even April.  It's way too early for tornado season but I'm pretty sure that this isn't the global warming politicians keep talking about.

LOL, no I'm not some weather expert. I just know to do what that pilot told me to do along time ago. "Wanna' know what the weather is gonna be? Look out the window."

Right now the view from my window is wet, wet, wet but at least the wind isn't kicking up and the temperature is getting cooler. Maybe Mother Nature's hot flash is over for the day. Hope so.


Hope you're okay too, Gentle Reader.

Guess tornado season has started here in the South. Again. Hugs to folks in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama (2 deaths), and now Georgia.

At least hurricanes give you more than a two minute warning.

Tornadoes just fall from the heavens.




"Good night? Or? Good morning?  It really depends on where your feet are at the very moment you say it. You're awake? They're a sleep or they're awake and you're asleep. You're aware and they aren't. Vice versa.

Sometimes you can say it years ahead and then the person will say it back years later.

Time will contract at that moment and it will seem as if years are only seconds.

It just all depends on where you are at the moment you say it.

Simple really for something so complex."

Winter Soltice


c anne ford

Jan 22 2012


"It's marvolous. Little windows that you touch and the world on the other side of them comes alive. Doesn't matter what time of day or what year. Frozen and then? Alive."

Winter Soltice

c anne ford


Now for today's posts -


Before you read one more word, please, click the video and listen while you read. Thanks, Ann

No, I didn't get to go see the Craig Ferguson concert.


I bought a big screen tv.

I got to thinking about it. For not much more than the cost of tickets, gas, meals, miles to the car, and the weather which might mean having to stay over night? I got dinner, a big screen tv, made WB and Pup VERY happy, and I got WB to agree to being responsible for cooking dinner and NOT washing clothes.

Sounds not so good but trust me, it is. I don't like planning and cooking dinner and WB does a horrific job washing clothes.  For us to continue  doing these activities causes us all kinds of stress.

So we are NOT going to continue doing this anymore.

And did I mention? We bought a big screen tv which makes both of us very happy.

True, Tv's Craig Ferguson would have me laughing tonight. But only me. WB and Pup aren't fans. I'd have to go alone and  I'd have to come back home alone through really bad weather. Back to where nothing was changing. I'd have been  really pizzed off at the spots in the laundry while trying to figure out what to cook for supper night after night.

Now no longer my problem.

New problem?

Trying to figure out where to put the tv. I'm good with that.

Plus tonight (it's now Monday) when they have the Presidential debate on NBC and they ask Newt G about his exwife? I can watch it in all it's 1080p, hooked up to the PS3, and HDtv glory while I'm nibbling on pizza that I didn't cook and folding towels so soft and clean - well it's good.

Then I'm gonna find a copy of something lovely.


Because I love musicals...


Again because I love musicals and Barbra Streisand.

Or even

Because the only thing I like more than musicals and Barbra Streisand?

This song from Funny Girl.

Nope, I don't care if probably didn't happen. I just love the whole song (and movie).

Or because it's big screen and great sound?

This one

Because no one really knows for sure until that moment when they leave this world...

LOL I'm an optimistic pessimist romantic with pragmatic tendencies.

All on my great big color HDTV, 1080 pixels, connectivity to the computer or PS3 for streaming or playing video games, or looking up a politician's nose.during a debate television all while NOT having to plan or cook dinner or pay 13 dollars plus drinks and pop corn and gas.

That is not something that I could do after going to see TV's Craig Ferguson.


(This is a long post.)

As you may remember, I tried something alittle different.

The Zen Happiness Experiment worked much better than expected.

Have decided to try a year of it.

The experiment.

Step one.

The "to do" list for this year.

No more "to do" lists only an "already done it" list. This year? I'm only doing what feels right or that puts a smile on my face.

If it doesn't feel right? Not doing it.

I'm clearing the decks of all the things that have caused my stress level to spike.

No more (LOL) "volunteering" to do kitchen duty or race duty. When you get the other people on the membership roster to actually do kitchen duty or race duty? Give me a call or pay us for the work. Until then? I'm very very very busy.breathing until next December.

LOL @ the timid comment. I think that you actually have to sail with a person before you can know how they'll sail.

I feel ever so much better. Sorry this isn't for venting but I do feel better.

"But wait," you might be thinking, "What about fencing? You were complaining how it made you ache? Are you going to quit?"

Nope, because every time I go to class? I learn more about an activity that makes my son happy.

And? I'm glad to learn something new. It's a pretty cool thing to put on a "already done list". Plus, I'm meeting some really nice people. I'm involved in Pup's life. It's good.  Plus it's alot different than the sailing. Alot. These guys are working hard each week to teach us how to fence. That's not just a one day thing or a "throw a person in the water to teach them to swim" thing. I might not be able to do all the moves in fencing but it won't be from lack of trying or teaching.

More later.

Like the the first Zen Happiness Experiment, I'll keep a record of what happens here.

Hugs, Newt. I don't think that I'd have thought of this without meeting you. Really and truly miss hearing about you and Lexi.

I hope that you're both happy.


Bad news.

Just being underemployed and age appropriate doesn't qualify one to run for president of the US.

And since I'm a woman?

I'd have to have the IQ of a squid and male before a woman has her turn.

Another debate for prez tonight on NBC.



Sunday, January 22, 2012



I need a job.

Apparently, being president for the US pays pretty good, comps the house, and has an excellent retirement.

I qualify AND I'm unemployed.



Good morning!

Boy, do I feel better this morning.

Did I get re-inherited? Don't think so.

Did I get a free ticket to the CF show? Nope.

So why would I be so very chipper this AM?


Oh no, not the Newt, Mitt, and Santorum hour. Nah.

This is better.

Take a look.

Wait, hold on. First shoo the kiddies from the room and THEN take a look...

Love the smirk on the anchor peoples face when they anounce the vid. LOL You can just hear them thinking, "Smucks, shouda let us in the court room to report. Now let's see --" LOL I'm sorry can't type now. Too busy laughing and thinking, "Good gravey what this could do for the Bingo trial down here in the sticks. We loooove a good spectical. Especial one where a politician is on the record saying about hookers and herpes. Sorry laughing again.

"If I got herpes I'm gonna drink out of everybodies cup...."

(The puppet hand patting the hooker's hooters after stuffing money in her cleavage is a nice touch.)

LOL. It's so worth the visit to Youtube.

God bless you Youtube.

God bless the First Ammendment.

I feel soooo much better.