Saturday, August 2, 2014

Oh please, being a woman is NOT the reason to hire a woman.

Ah no. The idea about sexual equality isn't hire her because she's a her,

Sexual equality is about hire the person because they're the best for the job.

Personally, I think that, when Craig Ferguson leaves, CBS should drop the LLS and clean up this time slot with a Shamwow infomercial. 

Or maybe replays of NCIS/BigBangTheory.

Or maybe start the over night  CBS news broadcast at 12:30CST

Syndication and infomercials have an audience and make more money and more sense than paying out money for an unknown. People watch  The over night news would tie in with Stephen Colbert's political satire. That would trend to CBS's efforts to take a political turn with the late night programming

Even if you are a big brained, VH1 chat host, it makes no sense to waste money in this time slot with what is a failing format. 


Monday, July 28, 2014

Just back for

a visit

Lord I miss Newt

I have a weird request. As one Twitter stranger to another. Despite all the nonsense Tweets, I really am a writer. I just stopped writing for a bit. I've started writing again. Only one person here will encourage me to do this. I'm a fiction writer. I don't write mean spirited. It's not in me. The thing is. I used to have a writing buddy who was as different as night and day to me but who was the best inspiration I ever had. She's gone. 
If I periodically tweeted to you "I'm slacking"  Would you tweet back what my friend used to?   She'd tell me, "Go write." I realize that this is weird but I think that what I want to write now is really good. And as luck would have it, I have a place to send it  for publication  I messed up last time.
I don't want to do it again.


  I knew someone who played guitar.
  I bought it for a 20. 
 I thought he'd do it all. But me?
 I'd not be worth a penny.. 
 I found him just the other day. 
Upon that world wide web. 
Figured he'd be a rich, rich man. 
Or maybe he'd be dead.
But there he was alive 
and well not in some exotic clime. 
 and there he was with out his hair
A victim of decline.
And here I am with stories. 
As rich as any vagabond. 
And there he is some Sansom 
with all his hair long gone.
Writer Ann  7-28-14
I Got His Guitar 

 I knew someone who played guitar.
 I bought it for a 20.
I thought he'd do it all. But me?
 I'd not be worth a penny..
I found him just the other day.

Upon that world wide web.
Figured he'd be a rich, rich man.
Or maybe he'd be dead.
But there he was alive
and well not in some exotic clime. 
and there he was with out his hair
A victim of decline.
And here I am with stories.
As rich as any vagabond.
And there he is some Sansom
with all his hair long gone.
Writer Ann  7-28-14
I Got His Guitar

But I got his guitar draft version

  I knew someone who played guitar. I bought it for a 20. I thought he'd do it all. Me? I'd not do any. I found him just the other day. Upon that world wide web. Figured he'd be dead from drugs or a rich, rich man with plenty. But there he was alive and well not in some exotic clime. There he was looking back. A victim of decline.
And here I am with stories. As rich as any vagabond. And there he is some Sansom with all his hair long gone.
Writer Ann  7-28-14
I Got His Guitar

But I got his guitar 1.0

 I knew someone who played guitar.
 I bought it for a 20.
I thought he'd do it all.
Me? I'd not do any.
I found him just the other day.
Upon that world wide web.
Figured he'd be a rich, rich man with plenty.
Or maybe he'd be dead.
But there he was alive
and well not in some exotic clime.
There he was looking back.
A victim of decline.
And here I am with stories.
As rich as any vagabond.
And there he is some Sansom
with all his hair long gone.
Writer Ann  7-28-14
I Got His Guitar

But I got his guitar

 I knew someone who played guitar.
I bought it for a 20.
 I thought he'd do it all. But me?
I'd end up not doin' any.

 I found him just the other day.
Upon that world wide web.
Figured he'd be dead from drugs
or a rich, rich man with plenty.
And me on the other side
The man who'd not had any
But there he was alive
and well not in some exotic clime.
There he was looking back.
A victim
Economic deeeecline.
And here I am with stories.
As rich as any vagabond.
And there he is some Sansom
with all his hair long gone.
Writer Ann  7-28-14

But I Got His Guitar

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Howdy. Long time no write. I've been trying to write a blog in 144 characters or less.  If that wasn't difficult enough I'm having to write backwards. It's a lot like writing was on 12 dogs. Sometimes it even works like a "circular story" sometimes not. The thing I miss is the jumping back and forth in virtual time and creating that kind of "time travel" kind of thing.

Things are going okay here.

I didn't get every thing done but I got a lot done.

That's good.

A million little reasons about fiction writers and what they write... Or how James Frey got published and then pilloried by Oprah...

I didn't notice until I read the comment section of her blog that people were doubting that this story was real.  Like many, I was caught up in the idea of a daughter's efforts to honor her father. When I did read about the photos, I went to look. Sure enough there were missing shadows, etc.  I was interested in her journey. I went to her blog to see what happened next not to prove the story was a lie. When I saw the comments and the photos, I came back here to join the conversation not to prove her wrong.
"...This certainly is a sweet story but it is the Internet. People do lie. How do they know that she is telling the truth?..."  is what I wanted to know.

I don't make it a habit of going after writers and their truth. Sometimes the most "truthful" story is wrapped in fiction.
That said.
I remember the "million little pieces" of a James, Frey's biography. Mr. Frey didn't exactly tell the truth because he wanted to get a book published. He fooled the publisher, the readers, and Oprah Winfrey in order to show the world he was a great writer. That some of those pieces were a lie? Didn't seem to matter.  Mr Frey's story reminds me that an author is trying to get the reader to "suspend disbelief"  with the reader's consent. You aren't trying to trick them.
It's hurtful to write something that's not true and then send it out into the world as fact. Like you, people care and they worry. If this is true, my heart goes out to the young lady and her family. If it isn't and people believe her and worry? That's just as hurtful as having to prove that the story did happen
As writers, there is a responsibility to be truthful.
They must tell the reader.
 "This is fiction or fact or like most good stories, a little of both."
Kind regards and thank you for taking the time to comment. I'm not attacking you. I'm just wondering about the truth of a very interesting story.
Writer Ann

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wow were do I start

Friday/Saturday Already done list

The two days were like one long day with a nap. WB came in early Friday afternoon to help. At this point we have

cleaned kennels and feed dogs and chickens like most every other day.
moved extra kennel stuff and panels so that WB can bush hog
moved trees.  Yes moved trees. Big ones. These are the tree trunks that  hope to use. Nothing says fun like moving a tree trunk by yourself. There were at least 4 big ones that we moved UP hill. Now they are fine.

Cleaned out the rest of the limbs and vines on the east side of the woods. Still have limbs and vines to move in the area where the big tree trunks were.

Wrangled dogs

went back to clearing the west to east area from fence to Big Dog's kennel

got area ready to burn limbs. I'm pushing for the chipper shredder but for practical reasons we may have to burn the smaller limbs/vines.

ran errands and went to the grocery store

Doesn't  look like much but it took  all day to do it. I'd hoped to be finished but it looks like one more day of work (moving limbs)
Then it's off to work on the yard.

I'm going to celebrate when this is finished


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wednesday Already Done List\

Note: Wed. morning was a pain day. :(  Did the work. :) FU pain day.
Fed dogs
Put Big Dog out for run and poop. We were running late so he was in a hurry to get outside!
Made sure that he had food and water access
Washed clothes and dishes
Wed morning was spent doing research on INternet. 
Fed, watered, and cleaned kennels
Wed afternoon Pup and I continued to lop limbs and prep for chipper.  Got to clear limbs in the front center area. That's pretty much done. Surveyed the front and West side not much left to do there. The only real work is to remove the remaining downed trees up by Big Dog's kennel.  I'm not worried about sorting the limbs on the east side of the east fence. That's April's work so I'm not behind on that.

Pup and I did pretty good. About an hour before dark, WB brought the chainsaw. Yay!!!  Didn't take long to cut up the remaining big trees and the limbs.  Moved the downed trees until it was too dark to see.

Ate supper then started sketching

Beginning of Thursday's already done list

Fed the dogs
Sorted mail and bills
unloaded the dishwasher (dishes cleaned for kitchen spring cleaning)
Ate breakfast (tomato sandwich, apple sauce, tea)
Checked the tweets and emails.
Put dishes in dishwasher.

It's outside to work. These clear days have been a blessing! I'm giving the inside work a break. Really close to being truly caught up. Will be glad to start working on the house side of the fence. Need the break.

Oh, oh oh.  The honey bees are back!!!  Not as many as in the past but still they're here. Our blooming trees and shrubs are giving them quite a harvest of pollen. :)
The Mother's Day daisies are starting to bloom, Dog woods are here but not great. The cherry tree is awesome. I was worried that the rains would ruin the blooms but no. I'm going to need to take a photo today just in case there's bad weather.

Lots to do today.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Already Done list. Tuesday

For an April Fool's day, it was lovely.

Got up, dressed, and ready for the day
spent morning washing clothes and dishes in effort to Spring clean. Glad that I worked on kitchen. I still have things to do at the far but this is important to.
Washed and cleaned dishes and kitchen cabinet shelves.
sorted mail. Organized bills
Took shower
washed more clothes
talked to WB about finances.
Went out to walk dog and look at the progress.
Asked about bull dossier work and chipper
WB said that we were doing a great job
Went to get supper
Got groceries
Ate supper and watched a bit of tv
Watched news.
Going to get some sleep.


Monday, March 31, 2014

Already Done List

Monday con

made breakfast

washed dishes
washed the cabinet dishes (Spring clean)
fed, cleaned kennel, exercised, tick patrol the dogs
collected mail
sorted bills due and arranged for deposits
washed, dried, folded clothes in closet (Spring clean)
fed chickens

pulled limbs until dark

washed, dried, folded spring cleaning clothes
cooked supper

watched last How I Met Your Mother

Still need to shower
Fold clothes

Made good progress in Spring cleaning, kitchen cabinets, and pulling limbs. It really looks nice. I have a section of full grown trees down that we'll need to use the chain saw on but I'm concentrating on the areas that can be cut with the loppers.  BAD NEWS ALLERT  I broke the big loppers. Used them so much that the handle broke.

I should take photos.

Note. I was thinking about schedules. I wanted to finish this by the first of March. We spent more than a few beautiful Saturdays working at Lake Martin. Then in March we had things to do with the vet which meant showers and going to the vet.  This weekend I hoped that I might finish by April 1st.  As I was picking up limbs today I finally just stopped chasing the schedule and instead I just worked the task.  I do want to finish these three tasks before it gets hot. I've been working around weather and people. It's been beautiful today and yesterday.  I hope that we'll have more pretty days like today. It was perfect.


Already done list Sunday night/MondayAM continued (this might be a duplicate post as my computer  stopped)

washed clothes for spring clean of closet
washed dishes and shelves in kitchen cabinets for spring clean of kitchen


plan for today

continue washing clothes to Spring clean closet & dishes to spring clean kitchen cabinets

and pull limbs to finish sorting limbs up at Big Dogs kennel.  Hopefully I'll be able to start the section next to the pups kennels at lunch.

I know that this sounds manic but think on it.  I've already cleaned the shelves in one cabinet and the dishes are loaded in the dish washer. I've already pre sorted the clothes so it's just a matter of putting them in the washer, dryer, and folding.  Then it's wait for the machines to do the work.  :)  While that's happening?  I can pull limbs. The only thing is there's no finished jobs at the end of yesterday.

I hope that will change by tonight.  I'll probably still be working on the closet and kitchen tomorrow but not pulling the limbs. 

Lots of hard work today. 

I can do it.

I think I can.
I think I can.
I can.
I can.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Already Done list for Sunday (continued)

Well I did actually go outside to pull limbs.

Didn't finish but made a huge dent in what's left to do. It's going to look great. Have just a little bit more to finish near Big Dog's kennel. Then it's over to the pups kennels to sort limbs there.

Next I went and cooked the spaghetti dinner.
Cleaned shelf
unloaded and then loaded dishwasher
Sorted clothes
pre treated clothes
folded & washed more towel
began washing clothes from Spring cleaning closet.

I have to keep a chin up here because there might not be any completed tasks until tomorrow. I did get to see one area cleared and the cut trees ready for use.

For the rest of the day's doings, I'll log in tomorrow.

Pretty good day.


Already done list for Saturday
ran errands
got lunch at Subway
washed, dried, folded clothes
unloaded/loaded dishwasher
working on Spring cleaning kitchen
let dogs run and cleaned kennels
pulled limbs
made Reuben sandwich for Pup
washed dishes in cabinets (Spring cleaning)
washed and dried blankets, towels, and bjeans.

Sunday AM
Alarm this AM was Big Dog barking
Stumbled out of bed
Sorted clothes for Spring wash in closet
unloaded dishwasher
fixed vegetable omelet for b fast (was great with chocolate milk!)
cooked biscuits (I love these little biscuits. They're going to be great New Years AM with smoked ham)
decided which cabinet shelf was next to spring clean/wash in dishwasher

That's it so far.
Have decided to cook spaghetti for lunch. also tea and apple cobbler to make up for not going out for  Sunday lunch.
will pull limbs today because the weather is excellent.
in between I want to wash and fold clothes in closet and wash dishes in cabinets. The way I Spring clean now is much better. Since there's a lot of sit around and wait time (and since I don't want to have the contents of the cabinets out nor do I want a mess should I have to stop and do something else.) , only cleaning one cabinet at a time is an excellent way to handle this.

I'm going to have clean sheets and blankets on the bed tonight. Nothing better than to have accomplished something, take a shower, put on clean clothes, hop into bed, read a little bit, turn off the lights, and then get some sleep. Since the day is pretty, the pups should have had enough exercise to be tuckered out by tonight.  Lights out and an early AM tomorrow. 

Now that is about as much of a "to do" list as I want to write.  Hopefully I'll have something to show for the day.

Kind regards.

Writer Ann

Friday, March 28, 2014

Thursdays Already Done List

Woke up in pain.  Did TaiChi and the stretching exercises that I learned in fencing class.  It helps. I'd prefer to do this rather than take aspirin etc   Still Pain Day and a rain day.  The idea of climbing in bed with the pups and reading for the rest of the afternoon sure sounds good.  I have stuff ready for lunch/supper.  Cut up potatoes, onions, celery, and peppers for the potato salad last night so I just cut up the rest for vegetable soup today. Pup asked for a Reuben sandwich.  Thought I'd have to go to the store for bread but found some  so we're good. Guess it's a wash clothes, change sheets, and clean the kitchen day.

Vegetable soup, corn bread, tea, and cobbler sounds really good.

Thursday was a rest and reflection day.

WB and I walked over to look at the west section.  I presented my case for handling budges and for the next part  of planning for the farm.  I thought it would be another one of those, "I talk and then he says nothing" days but he finally started to participate. He told me that I'm doing a good job and then asked about something that I'd hoped to do for the dogs.

In the afternoon, I started the budgeting process. Sorted through stuff and began organizing the paper work that I have. It was oddly Zen.  Taking what looked like random and trying to see the patterns was fun. I find that if I can impose some type of order to this kind of random, even if initially it seems to take a while, will fall into place.  At that point, zooooooooom, it goes much faster. It's the same for the limbs.  I have a staging area now to (possibly chip) limbs.  I had enough work done so that I could explain why I may or may not need to use one.  Plus it's very close to where the trees were cut so I don't have to move them far. And when I do move them to the staging area?  They'll be very easy to handle.  This is important because of the time/cost factor.  I only have 12 hours work time with the chipper.  I don't want to spend an time moving or processing limbs when I should be chipping them.  I showed WB a couple of washes in progress that we could use the limbs to stop.  I also told him how I'd hoped to use the trunks for fire wood and for construction. I'd like to build a couple of foot bridges and I might could use the the tree trunks.  Could possibly use them to make a wood pile.  Wood piles are supposed to be up off the ground so that the wood doesn't rot.  Keeps the snakes and mice out too. I'd like to save the lumber for two small storage sheds.  Any harvested trees that are used instead of burned or chipped is a good thing. (Martha Stewart)

Afterwards I cooked supper (hamburger steak and potato salad with iced tea, watched the weather, and loaded the dishwasher.
I was really happy to get to bed and didn't even take time to read.

Today (Friday) it is  indeed raining. It must have started early this morning.  I've been up since 5:30. Did a mini set of TaiChi and then decided to eat breakfast before taking a shower.  (  grilled cheese, cottage cheese, sweet pickles, and orange juice.)  I'm going to have to take Big Dog outside for his run and poop.  Thought that a hot shower after would be better than one before.  There's no lightening in this rain and I have a raincoat and rainboots BUT it's still a wet activity. Plus, Big Dog will want a hug. He'll be wet and I'll end up covered in Big Dog hair..  Good thing that he's sweet.

The prediction is for rain today and tomorrow so I'll be inside washing clothes. I'd rather have spent it outside. At least we knew this was coming and I could plan for it.

Better change  for outside.

Hope that everyone has a good day.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Up early. Very early. Before 5AM early.  Got to visit with Pup.

Already done list?

Visit with Pup.
Get the videos for the coming week.
fold clothes
dry clothes
wash clothes
load dishwasher
feed the pups
exercise the pups
clean the kennels
in other words. the daily stuff for the pups.
collect the mail
go with WB to sort the chain saw
eat lunch with WB
run errands (I know, I know I didn't think that I'd be running errands but there were things to do.)
grocery shop
things for budget
chipper shredder
return shoes/sweater
grocery shop
Yep two grocery shop. I shop at two places (well actually 3) because of pricing. Once you've seen a gallon of milk sell for more than a gallon of gas? You pay attention. Unlike a sitting president, I know how to pump my own gas and I buy my own groceries.
Something on the list that I had no idea would happen but glad that I did? I met someone new. I was bold and brave and well she seemed like such an interesting person. I was glad because she was an interesting person.  She is a published author and someone who must be very smart to have done the things that she's done. Reminds me very much of my paternal aunt.
If that weren't enough, I made an unscheduled side trip and crossed paths with someone from my past. A very good teacher. I didn't realize how much I missed her classes until I hugged her neck. It felt good. This will be a bit of a rearranging of my plans but I'm good with it.

I love to talk to accomplished women.  The ones who move mountains. The ones who teach people and change their lives as a matter of who they are.  These two women are who they are and they don't apologize for it at all.  I kind of like that.  It's as if doing great things were as natural as breathing and the path they take? Self evident. It's a relief.  They don't hide under a shell and they enjoy life. I learn things from them.

Ah, almost forgot. Went to see about a chipper.  Oh wow. I had no idea how much the durn things cost to rent and to buy. Add to it the delivery charge and oh wow.  This isn't quite as clear a choice as the chainsaw.  The "you can buy it for the cost of one day's rental" isn't quite true.  The rental can chew up a tree. When I showed the man the limbs that I'm cutting he said that it would be easy. The chipper/shredder to buy isn't quite the same. I'm going to read about it. At the moment they're both "fruit" and more like an apple to oranges kind of comparison. (Lol, I'm writing but every once and a while, I hear my internal voice go, "Holy cow. Those women are really amazing. Here we were talking about the everyday and I'm thinking these are people who have had real impact on our society. Honest.) Anyway, I'll be seeing about the chipper and hopefully have things sorted by the end of next month.  It was a good start.


I met someone who might like to have some of the trees that we're thinning out.  He makes walking sticks. Hope he'll call

I'm glad that I canceled the appointments. It has resulted in an over due conversation about money, expenses, and how we spend.  The big relief to me is that we're not broke. (Attention hackers. Don't get your hopes up. Going from a 10 cent budget to a 20 cent budget may be a doubled income but it's still not what you're expecting. Go elsewhere please. ) I'm just glad that there is money for the pups to get their shots, meds, exams, etc.  I can breath. I was so worried about them and now it's better.

Have started the budgeting process. Talked to WB about it at lunch. I was worried that he might be aggravated but he was pretty good about it. It's good for us all.

I think that's it.
Still have to put up stuff. Collect the dog. Take a bath.  Fold clothes, dry clothes, and wash cloths. Make sure that the dishes are washed.

(And maybe watch alittle LLS too.)

Had the silliest idea.  I told WB that I didn't think anyone would ever look at me and say sweet nothings. I look at people in the shops and then I'll catch my image in the mirror.  There in that reflection is practical. I have a great smile. There are crinkles at the eyes. My eyes are a pretty color and the silver in my hair is nice.  BUT, As far as sexy? Lol I have to laugh at the idea. The idea I had looking at my reflection in the car window was, "I wonder if I could, like Justin Timberlake, bring sex back?"  Somewhere in the last 20 years I've lost that. I have photos from when I was younger. I actually had a life then. Now, I'm so busy being busy. My life has turned practical. Practical shoes, jeans, jacket, and cap. The last pair of boots that I've put on these feet were camo snake boots. Part of this has been motherhood but lately it's because of the activities here.  It's practical and a good idea for what we're doing. I would however like to try something at least alittle pink. Bringing the zebra push up bra out of moth balls might help. What I need is something powerful.

I was thinking of doing aerobics while watching/listening to the LLS with CF. 

Maybe this

The problem is that when I see this video it's just so ridiculous that I start laughing.

Not good for squats. I'll fall over.

Maybe I'll be lucky and he'll do something alittle less overt.

Plus the sexiest thing I think that I've seen him do is when he interviews and author or academic and they talk about philosophy or music. That makes me smile. I can see how truly handsome the man is.
But then I think, "Is it weird to think about a married guy as sexy?" 

Am I weird to be turned on by a guy when he talks about ideas?

Ah well.

I've got to do something. I don't want to grow old and moldy like a half eaten chicken sandwich.

BBL Going to see who's on tonight.

Back tomorrow with the Thursday ADL.




Already done list

Not a lot of different tasks done but some important ones. 

I cancel three appointment. It felt right and I think it will prove an excellent decision in the long run. We've constantly been told that we were broke and that we had to be exceedingly careful about spending. Then I saw the bank statement.

After years of being "brow beat" by both my parents and WB on the issue of money?  I finally stopped being the person who worked so cheap and who balanced the family budget. By cancelling these appointments and saying outloud that it was due to lack of money, I forced certain people to come out and show just how money was being spent. There was and is money for my dogs.  :(

This was an easy and yet a difficult thing to do. I know that my dogs will not suffer.

I also
cleaned the dog kennels
exercised dogs
gave the dogs lap time
checked for ticks
fed the chickens

I was going to finish the rest of the day by pulling limbs but instead did something better.

Spent time with Pup learning about something he likes very much. I learned much about the computer and about pup.

dishwasher load/unload
wash and folded clothes
went to sleep.

It really was a productive day even if there wasn't a lot of tasks done.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sunday already done list

clipped and move some limbs (not much though)
washed and bathed 3 dogs.
Didn't really get much done nor did I rest :(


Up early
walked and fed Big Dog
sorted out pups

Talked to Pup about budget and life

Not looking forward to Tuesday

Much to do and not doing isn't the best.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Already done list.

up very early this AM.
dressed, got things in the car, took Big Dog outside to run, eat drink, and poop.
WB put dog in car (later we find out that he likes to sit in the back seat)
Pup gets his test and passes. I think that we have everything we need so that we can go to puppy school. I'm actually looking forward to it. I found out how much things will cost per dog.
got the things that I ordered. 2 don't fit so I'm sending them back (lucky me they cost about what it will cost to get heart worm med and rabies shot for the entire year.)
we run errands
get BBQ for lunch
come back to find that youth group is selling burgers and hot dog for fund raiser . Buy 2 and donate more for supplies.
Go home to hopefully burn limbs but it doesn't work.
Go out and cut more trees and begin sorting limbs to see what we'll need next
Work until it's dark
Have chicken, baked beans, and slaw for supper

Big Dog was really great. He wasn't thrilled about riding in the car but all and all I'm really proud of him

WB and Pup worked today. Glad to have all help.

Wash clothes


There will not be any problems with going to sleep!

The forecast is for rain tomorrow.  I really and truly hope that it doesn't .  So many people are going on Spring break this week. A lady at the vet was truly happy about the beautiful days that we've had.

If it rains there's things to do and if it doesn't there's outside work.



Friday, March 21, 2014

If the next post looks overwhelming, you can imagine how I feel.

That is partly a future list of things to do. The good news is that it's also a list of things that have already been done.  I'm concentrating on adding to my "Already Done" list.  Otherwise, I'd throw up my hands an give up.

So far, I've planned for the weather.  It's supposed to be cloudy tomorrow  but no rain. Today wasn't as lovely as yesterday. Yesterday was Heaven on Earth.  I know that there are a lot of people here who are ready for the warm, clear, sunny day. Not that they don't appreciate the rain, it's just they need a little sun too.

For today's "Already Done" List?

Went out to breakfast. WB needed the break.
Got air in the tires
Grocery errands
Gas in the car
Back to the house
Sorted the dogs (feed, water, lap time, clean kennels, clean water bowls). Everyone is doing okay.
Got the chainsaw and equipment ready to begin cutting and clearing. 

I'm so glad that WB and Pup were here to help.  Had we waited until Monday or taken the dogs stuff today, we'd been in a pickle.

Got most of the trees cut and it looks great.  Had problems with both chainsaw but Pup and WB sorted it out.  Pup is fantastic at fixing things. He'd make a great teacher because he has such patience with people. He also anticipates what might be a good way to explain how things work. Very encouraging. This afternoon there was a big tree (for me) to be cut. When I explained that I found it to be rather scary, he looked at the tree and then said how he'd handle it. I was very happy to hear him say the words, "Mom, do a good job. If the job is worth doing? It's worth doing a good job." 
A natural born teacher.

WB cut at least 99% of the big trees and I started cutting the small ones. I should post photos. It looks really good.

Because there was down time with the chainsaw, vines in the trees, and because cutting trees can be physically tough,  we stopped cutting trees just before sunset. We were all tired. WB and Pup ran last minute errand and I stayed to look at what had been done today.  Tomorrow, WB will be asking what trees still need to be cut.  I have to know ahead so that he cut them without a lot of waiting.  I think that I'm good with what needs to be cut.  We won't be able to start early but we should get most of things done tomorrow.

Today's list
ran errands
went to the grocery
got gas/air in tires
got breakfast
sorted dogs (daily stuff)
cut trees
fixed chain saw
clipped small trees with loppers
short run to the local store
washed clothes
sort Big Pup
put out food for the pups for tomorrow
put up equipment
watch PBS
make sure we have clothes for tomorrow
put the dogs up so that we can get early start tomorrow
get an early sleep.


Hoping that it's just over cast but not raining.
Get errands done in AM
Put the corned beef on to cook
Hopefully finish cut trees next to kennel
Cut trees in front section
limb and move trees.
Get ready to burn small limbs.
Get water hoses out and clear burn area. There is supposed to be rain on Sunday.  If we can't burn limbs, we can sort them so that we'll be ready when there is time.  The important thing is that we have the trees down limbed and moved.
Possibly take the chainsaw in to be fixed.


We might be dodging rain on Sunday. If it's raining (do errands). If  not, (here's hoping)  use the day to cut any remaining limbs. There's church. Fix the fence.

And possibly burn limbs. Since it's supposed to rain some time on Sunday this would be a good time.


Bath for dogs
If I haven't already fix fence.
Clip toe nails
Errands in case we don't do it Sunday.
Clear out burn area
If we didn't do it Sunday, take the chainsaw in to be fixed.
Get movies for the weekend

Errands.  Just do errands and don't sweat it

chicken fencing
baby chicken pen
(this will really make me feel like I've done something!) :)

You have to
Start washing clothes and dishes in cabinets.
I read a great idea for cleaning closets. It suggested sending everyone out to the movies, putting on your favorite music, and pull everything out of the closet (sort).  I'm going to do the same with a twist. For a week, I'm going to pull clothes out of the closet, wash them, try them on, sort, vacume and get the dust bunnies. This is sooooo important because a clean closet just makes me happy. I clean kitchen does too.  I'm going to watch the movies that WB and Pup would rather not watch.

Romantic comedies here I come.

Lots to do but lots already done. It's really starting to look good. Now if we can just get the limbs sorted.

Hugs self. We're doing good.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beautiful day on Wednesday and today Wednesday already done list: ate lunch with WB got groceries and planned supper sorted the dogs cooked cut some trees so that we won't have as much to do this weekend planned the rest of the week sorted the dogs kennels and lap time Thursday Another beautiful day already done list? cut the chicken wire and ready it to fix the fence. social with the pups try out the snake boots cut trees plan meals for weekend (we're having corned beef/cabbage/pie/tea for lunch/ supper (Friday), Rubens and cabbage slaw (lunch Sat), Cabbage and potato soup/ corn bread (Sat night), Sunday dinner, spaghetti/salad, French bread (supper Sunday) caught up with Internet Friday The plan is to cut trees on west section until finished, make the corned beef/cabbage/slaw, and start sorting limbs. Saturday The plan is to finish limbing and cutting west section trees, get things ready to burn limbs. Big Dog stuff (he needs hugs), and fix the fence. I want to work hard and smart Friday and Saturday. I'd love to have the limbs cut and sorted by Saturday night. Sunday Hope to have the trees cut so that we can collect them up into a wood pile on Sunday. If it's raining Sunday, we can go get the blocks to make the wood pile stand, move the chickens to the spot for the wood pile. Get nail clippers for the dogs. Get laundry soap/softner. What I hope to have done by Monday AM? finish cutting trees on west section moved chicken pen to where the wood pile will be finished fixing the west fence limbed and sorted cut trees ready everything for the west side so that it's ready to chip, use, or burn stack the dog houses clean the dog food hopper clean the back of the car so that we can go get blocks for the wood pile stand pick up the logs and move to the area next to where we're putting the wood pile Have Big dog sorted for the year cleaned the kennel put new shavings in the dog houses fill any holes in cleared areas give the dogs a good run move Big dog's kennel to the house get new dog nail clippers (nice ones) even better if I have the chicken fence fixed form for the gravel for the wood pile set up Monday Give dogs a bath/clip nails Begin washing clothes plan meals for the week/weekend get movies for weekend get glossy magazine/find book Tuesday Dogs stuff wash more clothes dogs stuff kennel Wednesday/Thursday Start moving blocks/gravel for wood pile fix the dog kennels move the saw horses/plywood to fix the kennels Friday/Sunday clean closet clean kitchen finish working on the dog kennels finish working on the wood pile give dogs bath sort dogs Monday sort dogs Tuesday Finish any other things not done in March on the west side April Begin working on the central section Cut trees in back and in front fence line Clear out things in yard Put up green house cut hedges clear out trees on east section of house fix front fence fix front fence of west section clear space for new fence line east side west section buy tposts/posts for front fence buy tposts/posts for east cross fence move boat move boat finish wood pile stand by end of April make sure that the yard is sorted, trees cut, hedges clipped, wood bought for shed, chickens sorted, baby chicken pen is sorted (including heat lamp), chicken waters bought, dogs sorted for year. I would like to have the yard sorted, the chickens/dogs sorted, the green house up, the boats moved, and things ready to begin painting fixing the house. I need to have the dogs kennels ready so that they can be outside while we paint inside the house. I would like to have the trees cut on both parcels, the fences mended, and the materials ready to put in fences. I want to have the grow beds and herb beds planted. I want to have the compost pile ready and the garden area tilled and planted. May If there's any last minute things that weren't done in Feb,Mar,April? May is the time to finish. I want the kitchen painted/doors finishes, Pup's room finished, our bedroom finished and living room done by the end of May. June/July Painting outside, putting in storage building, empty and move storage building, empty and sort outside storage area. Finish reno work and ready for bathrooms reno work. August Work on the boats. Get ready for Fall sailing season. Pole barn September/October Finish up any loose ends. Get ready for the holiday season Get mailing list for Christmas cards Get the outside decorations ready Start planning for Christmas Get present for mail lady Start planning for next work projects for the winter I would like to have the pole barn up I would like to have the fence moved I would like to have the H2O sorted I would like to have the boats sorted\ I would like to have the dogs sorted I would like to have the house sorted I would like to have the yard sorted I would like to have the car sorted I would like to go back to school By this time next year, I would like to have my life, dogs, and home sorted so that next year I will be concentrating on photography, writing, sailing, school, volunteering, church, and family. I can do this. January? I dealt with the weather and having a new dog in the family. February We start clearing the west section and fence line. We're also working at sailing club. I'm hoping to get the west section finished. When I don't, I roll it into March which works because I can do the rest of Feb and March to do list done. Also we get a chain saw and someone to teach me how to use it. March March is all about the west section of the property. I'm clearing a section for the pups and for me. It's looking great. We're sorting the dogs, the chickens, a wood pile, and cleared fence lines so that they'll be easy to work with. I take out the swing and begin clearing the house section. We get wood piles moved and the dangerous limbs moved. We move the old fence and the barbed wire that some idiot threw on the ground and the let get covered with dirt and limbs. We're thinning out the woods so that you can see through them. The area is made safe and fun for the pups. I'm getting ready to move the fence and fix the front and side fences. I hope to have all of this done by the end of the month. At this point, I have 10 days left. I'm trading off by doing some of the April stuff when the March stuff can't be done. More than once, I'm on schedule. This is true even when I'm having to change schedules when the weather is bad or there are unforeseen things that must be dealt with. For example, when the Ashplund people are in the area and I use the three days that I was going to clean kitchen/closet to work with them to get limb moved, right of way cleared,, and limbs picked up. It's working. I also hope to have the pups sorted for the year. I learn to say "no" and get yard work done here. I learn to say, "I'm sorry but I can't because of previous commitments." I get my stuff done. It's a good already done list and the month isn't over yet. April ?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday was a pain day. Not much done. Good thing was that it rained to hard to work outside.

Monday's already done list is slim Started cleaning the kitchen when it became obvious that Monday was going to be a pain day. By the time WB got home, I rode with him to the store and the local restaurant so that they'd get things for supper, I was almost a sleep. Did get some correspondence taken care of so I can add that to the Already Done List. Decided that today (Tuesday) I was going make sure the dogs and chickens were sorted, take a bath, put on clean clothes and then work on the kitchen a bit but that's it. I don't hurt like I did last night. I just don't want to be hurting tomorrow when the sun is out. The pups need a bath and there's things to do outside. If I can get the kitchen cleaned, supper made, and get to bed early? I'll have had a busy day. Hugs world. Writer Ann

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lots done yesterday. And today it rains. So inside we go for the next two days to clean kitchen, clean closets, and watch movies. Back tonight to see what happened. Hugs!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wooo Hooo Breakfast out with WB and then Cutting trees and clearing vines. Cleared what we're going to on the southern side of the woods and on the western fence. Moved limbs so that we could get an idea of how it looks. Stopped for lunch and for trip to store to get screws and sodas. I'm going out to continue chainsaw work until it starts raining and then? I'm going to take a shower, put on clean clothes, and watch a movie. Yes, Virginia, I'm taking a break from working outside. It's supposed to rain tomorrow which means working inside,closet and kitchen, until I finish or until it stops raining and we can go back outside. Still have more chainsaw work on the east front fence, under the front parcel, and up around Big Pups kennel. What remains? complete the sink table sort out dogs make sure that dog records are current Give dogs baths clean kitchen clean closet sort, use, get ready to use, chip, or burn the limbs Fix the kennel panels Fix the chicken panels put doors on the baby chick pen Set up the baby chick house Set up the baby chick box Buy baby chick food Make sure the heat lamp works Wash the dog houses and food hoppers set up the kennels set up the chicken enclosures. set up the hose reels Do a general mow, weed eat, spray, and clean up of the west parcel Clean the drive Move the chickens to clean up grass for green house For April Set up green house Chainsaw work in back yard and along front fence Prune the hedges Weed eat around trees Make sure that the baby chick enclosure is set up Set up chicken yard around pecan trees Sort the limbs and get them ready to chip, burn, or use Get the chipper burn the remaining limbs get cabinet doors paint cabinets start working on Pup's room start tai chi the y walk 5miles Pup has volunteered to make an auto water for the dogs. May Make sure that the house/yard is ready for painters Reno work on house Front porch columns

Friday, March 14, 2014

So I'm cutting trees on the fence line thinking, "Chainsaws are not just for guys."
Already done list!!


WB got the chicken fence panels disentangled :)
Got the dogs fed/lap time  and Big Pup exercised:)

Clean dishes out and dirty dishes into dishwasher.

Folded clothed, put wet into the dryer and dirty into washer

Did errands to the south

Bought two new pairs of sweat pants as I've pretty much shredded the ones I have.
Got a great deal on a print with frame, a great basket that I think is hand made in US, and a great deal on socks all for 4 dollars. I also helped the local economy as it was at a regular yard sale. This is someone who also sells antiques up the road so she has really good stuff. She said I could bring some of my stuff to sell or she'd buy it.  Time to sell the extra stuff! Spring cleaning coming!

Bought three scoops at the local feed and seed.  Now Big Pup has his own scoop!

Got a great BBQ sandwich and a chocolate milk shake for lunch.

Got gas for the chainsaw and car.

Looked up the swing set that Sonny made.

Found some free OSB for chickens

Went home, folded clothes, put clothes into dryer, put blankets, socks, and new sweat pants into washer.

Drank a soda. Lol today it was important.

Took Big Dog outside with WB and I.  He kept us company while we cut trees.

Cut and lopped  trees.  I mean actual trees not the tiny ones.  First WB did a section and then I did. Got the chain stuck a couple of times and at one point thought that I'd broken the chain saw but it's okay.  WB found an additive that helps the chainsaw start.  We cleared the area next to Big Dogs kennel. These were pretty big trees.

Removed the understory from around the pecan tree next to Big Dogs kennel.

Cut a section east to west which clears a path through the woods, I got my turn at cutting trees from the west section, north section and around the east section until I ran out of gas and then? Got the chain saw stuck in a tree. Lucky for me I had a cool head and turned it off so that I didn't get hurt. Did have an scary moment where I was holding the chain saw up while yelling to WB. Unfortunately WB was also cutting trees and had his ear plugs on. Finally he looked down the fence line to see me frantically waving my hands and did nothing!!  Got the tree off the chain saw and carried the thing cradled in my arms like a baby.  Short story is that the saw was fixed (yay WB) and he worked with me until we cleared the east fence line.  This included finishing a new path to by pass the uneven section along the fence.  Got my confidence back and continued cutting trees along the woods line until I'd finished what we were going to do on the east side of the woods. There are still trees that need to be removed but I have to wait until I can pull the vines out of the trees. The sun went down right as we ran out of gas again.  All that remains for tomorrow is to clean the southern edge of the woods, the western fence,  refine the area around Big Dog's kennel,  clear the southern most section between the washes, clear the volunteer trees that are around the bigger trees next to Big Dog's kennel, and finally the eastern side of the drive.

And of course the trees have to be limbed and sorted. 

And I have to fix the western fence to keep the dogs in. There's only three sections of about 24 feet.

It's a lot to do but I think that we can get the trees cut. I will be up to Pup and I to limb and sort the trees and also to fix the fence.  We can do it.

I'm hoping to finish this over the weekend because it's supposed to rain first of next week.  Rain = finally cleaning the closet and kitchen. If I'm lucky, I'll also get the dogs sorted, the sink table sorted, and the chicken pen sorted.  I planned to finish by the end of the month. Fingers crossed and good weather as well.

Pretty busy here. Lovely to see the progress.



Thursday, March 13, 2014

Everywhere we go here is like a classroom. I learn everyday from all kinds of people. I'm learning just like I learned from my Grandfather, grandmother, mom, dad, people at work and church, and the people who answer my questions and talk to me about the things that have worked for them. Thanks, I'm learning.

I'm hoping what I'm doing will rub off.  I really am.

I'm so sleepy by the time LLS comes on I can hardly keep my eyes open.  Maybe when I'm finished, I'll be able to or maybe he'll come to the new civic center up the road. I don't know.

You know something? I sure could use a hug right now. I could use someone in my corner who thinks I'm great for what I'm doing now. They guys that came to cut down the limbs reminded me about how nice it is just to be around nice people.

Maybe their good works will rub off on me. I was watching too.



Do you see the huge amount of words below?  That is my already done and to do list for the next 4 days with an added sketch of todo for the next two weeks.  I'm busy and have been busy for the last two months.

Before I do my already done list? I want to write this here. Over the past three days, I have met some of the nicest people. They are the crew who clears the power lines. They were the kindest, most patient, and most professional people who I've had the priviledge to meet. The work they do is dangerous but they manage to do it with grace and a sense of humor. I'm writing this here so that 1. to remind myself that there are truly good people in the world and 2. I don't forget the details so that I can write a thank you to their boss. Thanks to them a dangerous tree limb has been removed. The day after the bucket crew came and cut the limb, the guy who does their chain saw work told me that if the power line had been nicked? There could have been a very bad shock. (Note to self. That chain saw guy was cute and sweet as could be. ) Then two brothers, also just as sweet, then came on time and with I truck that I'd love to have for Christmas (can't afford in a million years) came and whisked away the piles of limbs. I love these guys. You can't imagine a nicer group of men. They do amazing work and make it look easy. So for three days on my already done list (Making sure to do my part so that these guys could do theirs. My part was easy. I just had to make sure that the gate was open when they needed to be there, I had to stay out of their way, and I had to not ask too many dumb questions.

Already done list *for yesterday
Sort through pile of limbs from tree pull out the parts that are good for firewood and pile up the others for burning, chipping, or wash
Make sure that I've pulled out any cedar limbs to put on the pile of cedar that came from the downed tree
Make sure to have gate open and be outside ready by 10am . The guys on this crew are up early and they're prompt. Priority!!!

(Note have this done by 10Am so that the guys could do their job. Also note. Since they've changed the time, It doesn't get light here until 6:45am.  I've been getting up at 5am(it's dark) I've been using that time to wash clothes, load the dishwasher, and feed the dogs. Also good time to check the mail and maybe pay a bill or two. Also good time to clean kitchen and watch movie or Late Late Show as I don't have to compete for the VCR/tv)

Remove the spent cedar chips in the kennels.

Put down the pea gravel in one kennel so that there's a barrier between the ground and the cedar chips. Note to self. It takes 6 of those big orange buckets from the Home Depot to do this. Seven buckets is better. The gravel pile is still good. Should be awhile until we'd have to get another load of gravel.

Clean the water and food bowls (We were out of dish soap so I bought two bottles)

Make sure there was enough cedar chips in the dog houses (A okay and I already have the two bags of chips to replace

Put one in the storage container and the other in car. I'm ready to put down the cedar chips and the gravel in the other pen today )

Put new bag of dog food in the storage container

Clean the chickens water and food bowl

Lap time for dogs/check for ticks and other things (My fun time.) Extra lap time today because we can't do run time with all the equipment and work.

Run time for the one pup because he needed the extra run time. Spent extra time because of all the excitement here (heavy equipment new people lots of sounds both for us and for the guy next door. All our dogs are a bit stressed from having all the really huge equipment. Couldn't be helped so we all needed the extra lap time to de stress. I have a chair in each kennel so it's easier to do lap time.)

Put up the water hoses.

Check poop for worms and loose bowels Note I think that the dogs eat better when they eat out of the bowls so I'm going to use the food hoppers for storage and so that they'll have dry food incase it rains.

Lap time with big Pup and exercise time. I love to see this pup run. I think that he could run a 4 minute mile if he put his mind to it.


Unload the dishwasher/load the dish washer.

Get the eats for meals

Get alcohol/straight pins at store.

Wash clothes

Take shower (I'm pooped)

Finish my book.

This afternoon we had a wind advisory (until 8pm). So I had to move the cars out from under the trees so a limb wouldn't fall on them.

Then spent yesterday late afternoon watching to see if we had anymore limbs fall ......

Now for today?

Already done list


unload/load the dishwasher

get the garbage ready to put out

fold clothes put load of clothes in dryer put load of towels in washer

Note I'm washing towels and blankets today because I'm working outside and don't want to deal with folding clothes or wrinkles . Towels are easy and if you leave them in the dryer to do something else? Your good.

Talk to WB about sailclub and stuff that happened while away. Tried to remember the cute and very sweet chainsaw guys advice. I really did try.\

Let Big Pup out to make a pee and a poop (He was a good boy)

Got Big Pup's run time done

Feed the dogs

Write a bit on the computer and correspondence .

As for the rest of the day.

I'm not fond of to do lists (like the already done ones but sometimes I need the to do list to organize the day. So

The next two days are supposed to be lovely weather wise but Saturday and Sunday look like rain. Having to change what I was going to do over the next 4 days.


Make sure to put out the garbage or you'll miss the boat

Put gravel in the other dog kennel so the pups won't need a boat when it rains this weekend (It should take 6 orange buckets full) I'm going to wait to see what happens with the weather this week end. If it's a big rain, I won't put out the cedar chips until next Monday. If I do different the chips will be a wet mess. With the gravel in they'll keep dry. Don't think that they'll suffer fleas or be muddy if the gravel is in.

Finish washing towels

Thursday afternoon and Friday

I wish that I could cut the trees that we'd planned to cut this weekend. I'm not supposed to cut trees by myself for safety reasons.

If it does rain, I think that I'll run errands this weekend.

Make sure to get a pair or chainsaw chaps that work.

Other than the usual with the pups (water bowls, lap time, exercise etc), I should use these two good days to pull and sort limbs.

I need to delimb the trees so that they'll be ready to put out to deter washes. I have a couple washes to be that will need attention. They're in the front.

If I know what limbs are left, I think that I can justify renting a chipper. That would be great as I could use the chips on the path along the road.

I also need to start on the fence. I'm thinking of it in 8 foot lengths. Otherwise? I'd just be over whelmed and give up. It's like loosing a lot of weight. You don't need to think of all the weight you need to loose. You just have to think of the next 5 pounds. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the month. At that point the little guys can run free. Then I just have to think about the gate. I'm so happy to have the fence lines cleared and that barbed wire up of the fence and the ground. Lol if I ever find out who did that piss poor job? I'm going to give them a piece of my mind. That was just lazy. I'm lucky that we didn't have a vet bill because of it. Water under the bridge but mercy. I'll just be happy to have it finished.

Also? This is it. I need those chicken panels moved.

So at the very least I need the 16 foot section of the West fence done by Friday night. Good news? I have what I need to do it. Yay.

To sum up for today and Friday

It's dogs and chickens,
chicken panels,
at least 8 feet of fence today and 8 tomorrow,
and pulling limbs

Tonight? meatloaf mashed potatoes green beans salad iced tea

This weekend with the rain?

Do what I was going to do Mon-Friday but couldn't because of the tree thing

the dogs/chickens
spring clean kitchen
wash clothes
spring clean clothes closet.
Sort out the chain saw
and errands sort out the sail club fundraiser thing.

Next week it will finally be time for the baby chick pen to be finished.
Need to check the heat light.
Time to fix the chicken panels and move them to the next spot.
Begin the great dog migration (lol)
The week after Finally dog panels and dog houses.
Yay Anytime there's weather? Cut, clear, and deal with more woods area

Lol this is why I don't like the todo list. IT's much nicer to see what's been accomplished than look at the mountain of things to day.

Love you. )

See I am busy....


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Still working with the no weird views. Yay, yay, yay and goodbye vampire stat. Nice to use the blog for peace, quiet, and writing. It is a writer's blog though The 12dot disclaimer still applies. This is a writer's blog. A fiction writer's blog. Fact and fiction exist here. If you don't know which is which Please don't ASSume. Ask. Thanks. Writer Ann )
. Note. There are a lot of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in this post. Sorry. Very busy. Very, very busy. The tree that I wrote the short story about is saved and safe. The story (if you aren't familiar with it) is where we found the chicken eggs and the end of the rainbow. Who knows why God does things. Sometimes it's a mystery but for whatever reason I'm grateful. Now then. To catch up on the Already Done List. The cedar tree is limbed, sorted, and ready to go on it's way. The limbs along the front fence line have been moved. This morning will be very early so that I can make sure to move any logs for the wood pile and pine straw for flower beds, limbs for the washes, and things for the chipper. I have to decide what to do. If I'm very industrious? I get to play with the pups later this morning. Then? Then I'm going to take a shower, put on clean clothes, put clean sheets/blankets on the bed and get ready for cold weather? Yep. Easter is late this year. Still time for another batch of WB's homemade, crock pot chili this Saturday AM. The bad news is that I haven't spring cleaned the kitchen on my clothes closet. We've got more to do outside in order to finish working outside. I did move the chicken pen but I have to sort out the new enclosure. The wire is cut and it looks as if I have enough 2 by 4s. Still need to put the doors on the baby chick pen. It's really sturdy. I'm going low tech for the chicks. That means no formal house and instead a roosting box on wheels so that I can move them. They'll still be safe up off the ground and away from those mean old possums and raccoons and dogs etc. It's just smaller and with a more easy to clean area. Already done list? Cedar tree sorted limbs moved from part of the front fence and problem trees identified. Learned about handling dying pine trees (who knew? now I do) got the dangerous limb moved but got to keep the tree (and got someone to explain that the tree is safe to WB) got info on how to plan the area for future use got the point across that 1. I'd love to be active in sail club but 2. I am not the "dumpster" for other peoples unhappy. If I get dissed? I'm busy. If not? I'm happily helpful. Lol That was a biggy. hopefully got the notion across that I'm not lazy and I have a viable plan that I am already doing. This is all around healthy so leave me be and let me get to work. Oh and one other thing. Helping is when you ask for help, list what that help looks like, and if you can do it? Great. For so much of my life, helping has looked like other people telling me who I am and what I should do. They didn't do a very good job. Pup and I are autodidactic. Answer our questions but don't get mad at us if we don't use it right away. If you knew how far ahead I had to plan for just a chain saw and a cleared fence. Not get out of the way and let us do our job. We're moral and legal so it's good. I have a plan. I have a plan b. I even have a plan z. :) .

Monday, March 10, 2014

I am so glad the way things went today. The difference between people is amazing. I have been making really good decisions. I don't have the time to waste on the egos and the nonsense. The great thing is that I haven't been. The egos? Don't have that kind of power over my life. And the nice people are a joy to be around. I really am glad the way things are turning out. Building my "house" upon the rock. Thank you friend who said hello to me today. I'm glad that I know you. And yep. The more I know about some people? The more I like my dogs. Hugs. Lol big hugs. WriterAnn
The lovely thing about my life is?

If I don't wanna' I don't haveta'

Tomorrow it's out of the woods and into the yard for the day. Still have on the work boots but this is moving the chickens and set up the area for the little green house.  Thanks to the chickens a lot of the prep work (moving sod) is done. Can't wait to see how it works. 

Also hoping to finish the saw horses and two trees removed. They're bigger and  we're not allowed to move them ourselves. The timing is great.

On a more somber note?  With all the prep here, I'm not going to be able to help with that fundraiser. Heck I was so looking forward to it. :(

Oh well. I'll just have to keep a stiff upper lip and soldier on. ;(   True I won't be out the gas money and also true that at the end of the month my already done list will be substantial. 

Also I know that I'll get over it.

I had a fantastic day.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wow. Busy three days.

Already done list

Remember my writing about cutting small trees and limbs in the cold and the rain?   Well the next couple of days were better. Today and yesterday were great.


We continued to cut trees and move limbs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The difference was that we had WB and the chain saw to cut bigger trees, 


All the big trees along the southern cross fence are now gone.
Moved limbs in that area that I cut last week.
Cut the rest of the small trees with the loppers especially happy that the snakey place is cleared. WB cut trees along the fence so that all I have to do is move them to the staging area to be chipped, moved to wash, or burned.

Then we started clearing the east side of the drive (small stuff). We'll cut any larger trees next week ( I hope.)\

The best news is that the bushes next to the drive/road are cut and I began moving them out this evening.

Also cut is a good clear path to the wash from around the dog kennel. Still more chain saw work to do but there's also lopper work that I can do in the mean time.

Got to visit with a neighbor and learn stuff. 

Ran errands, got dog food and kennel litter, got a new leash for the pups, checked on puppy class, got a new chain saw blade, etc, etc...

Still more to do.  WB is shaking his head when I tell him that things look so much better but then I saw it before the tree were moved.

I'm thinking about moving  the chickens to where we cut the trees so that they can get bugs and I can get a cleared area.

This was a good couple of days.  Sorry that I didn't get log it in daily but honestly? I needed the time to do the work.

Oh Oh Oh. Also saw a friend today at the store. Such a nice person and always a joy to see. We both love our pups.

Gonna get a shower, get the dog, and get some sleep.  The big pup barked when he couldn't see me. He was telling me that it was time to go inside and get some rest.

I love my dogs.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nothing says fun like cutting small trees in the rain and cold.

Continued what I started yesterday.  Cutting and clearing woods and fence lines in front section of farm.  Last night I cut and cleared until I ran out of daylight.  Today I cut until I couldn't feel my toes from the cold. Came in and put on a pot of spaghetti, defrosted my fingers/toes,  changed into dry clothes,  and washed the wet clothes I took off. I'd love to have NOT done this but it's either this or not have things ready for this weekend's work.   I just have to push through the weather to make sure I get all done.

At this point?

My already done list

Cut saplings in the front section and on the fence lines.

Still to do?

Continue cutting and clearing until  front section fence lines are cleared, limbs are dealt with, and vines are cleared.

Clear east side of drive so WB can cut trees on fence line 


sort the limbs
clear the drive

If I do this, Saturday we can take the chain saw and clear the big trees, the fence line, and then finish what is left of cutting any remaining saplings

Also fill holes in path.

Also need to move fence panels so that I can work on them next week

Next week if I get through this one

fix chicken pen panels
fix door on chicken pen
move chicks to new home around a pecan tree
fix fence line holes
fix dog kennel panels


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday Already done list

It was a pretty good day even if it did start late and kind of rocky

(I fired Pup.  He was being a drahma queen. )

cleared cross fence line in front
began clearing the drive
began clearing the saplings between the front area and the cross fence
began clearing the section on east side of drive

This is the part right before you see all your hard work come to life. The middle part where giving up is something that you consider. Don't do it.

Things that I still have to:

finish clearing the saplings in north side
finish clearing the saplings on the east side of the drive
clean the north south cross fence
clean the south fence line
clean the remaining west fence line
clean the north woodland edge

sort, use, or dispose of the limbs, trunks, or vines

use the trunks for erosion control and to establish a terraced situation
chip or burn the limbs
bag vines except the confederate jessimine and the honeysuckle  Pot the jessimine and the honeysuckle

Use the chips for path ways.

Bush hog the areas along the cross fence

spray the fence lines

fix the slope area on east path

move the back fence off the trees

move the big trees and downed trees  you can use them for erosion control

set up a feed and water station

set up the chicken yards.

set up the new kennel area

storage building

tent platform

flower bed
dog wood
crepe myrtle
possum haw

herbs flat leaf parsley, mint, basil, lemon thyme, etc
lettuce tables
green onions

learn to put in a fence post. wood and tpost
learn to put up fence wire
learn to put up wood fence
learn to make a gate

Lots to do from now until June.


Ash Wednesday. aka Happy Hangover Day.

Wish list for now until June.

Chicken pens
Chicken house for older chickens
Chicken house for baby chicks
Enclosure for guineas
Use chickens to clean under trees
Dog pens
clean paths and wood land edges
camping platform/footbridge/
clean drive
saw horses for grow table
fence lines
gate to front parcel
gate to back parcel
logs and limbs for erosion control
front gate
front fence
new gate
cross fence for dog yard
replace fencing with dog fencing
wire at bottom of west fence
privacy fence for dogs
pole barn
place for entertaining
place for chicks
establish place for garden (till or plow)
flower bed
flower bed
dogwood tree
work on entry/gate
flag on fence
water source

storage building for work, dog, and stuff

get this done and then?

plan for personal schedule

boat work /sail club
tai chi y
volunteer work
job and or school

fence line
around house (clip boxwoods and hedges) prep for paint work
around trees
green house
beer garden for Rick's BBQ
reno work to house
front porch of house
front fence
clear fence line in back
remove trees
prune around electrics
back porch
flower bed
crepe myrtles in front of the green house

clear fence line
clear and make repairs to back fence line
front fence

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Best news? No pain day.

Happy Mardi Gras tomorrow.

Let the good times roll.

Already done list for today

kennels cleaned.
food and water
heart worm med
tick check
lap time

exercise for Loki
food and water for Loki

moved limbs to otherside of the fence
began clearing the edge of the woods north side of kennel
cleared path from east to west
filled holes on west fence line with gravel or leveled them

walked fence line to check for holes

not a bad day

Time for shower, fried chicken, and Glee  :)

This was an excellent day.

Tomorrow? No to do list only an already done list

And I don't know how this happened but I have a copy of Dallas Buyers Club  AND  Blue Jasmine.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Wow what a great two days. We  had great weather (not hot nor cold).  Had help from WB and Pup. Today was one of those days when you look back and can actually see done what you set out to do. Even a neighbor complimented us for the good job. Still lots to do but I'm hoping to work hard for the next week. Then I can begin working to get the dogs and chickens settled. I'm hearing that we might have rain. In case it's rainy I'll start working inside the house. Movies, clean closets, and spring clean kitchen. Personally, I'm hoping for sunny weather until next Sunday. I can make up for the time spent working on the lake.

Already done list

learn to use chain saw

Cut small trees along fence lines
Use trees and limbs to fill wash
clear vines from trees
clear the two vine covered bushes
remove bushes that were covered with vines
remove barbed wire from fences
remove old fence posts
cut down cedar tree next to pecan
cut volunteer tree next to pecan
clear trees around pecans next to kennels
move vines and trees to make room for truck
talk to WB about budget
finish work parties at lake
sort church
sort parents
make list of things to do for next 3 months
take volunteer class
suss out other volunteer activity
get fabric for church project

I'm sure that there's other things that I've missed but the next three months are mapped out. Outside work, inside work, ready for painter, get painter and carpenter, move chickens, set up green house, clear the front fence lines, get dogs sorted for the year...

There's more but this is enough to think of. The idea is to phase in schedule for tai chi, gym, fencing, and sailing. Lol makes me tired to list it so I'll just list what's been done.

Fantastic two days. Got 99% of work done and got to do the volunteer work too. There's a party at the middle of the month. Time to give pups their <3 and="" br="" clip="" meds="" shots="" toenails.=""> I've pretty much concluded that my horoscope is a bust but hard work here at the farm, on the boat, or out at the lake isn't.

You should see the view.


I like to see the progress. The antidote to the nonsence that my parents of pushing.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

I want to remember. Friday Feb 4, 2011.   From what mom said Thursday? Dad went into the hospital Jan 15th. I remember asking why they didn't call me when he first went into the hospital.  She said it was because they didn't want to worry me.  I tell here I could help. I have a background that might (and did) help. She spits out that I'd be of no use. Then Thursday she says again that he went into the hospital on the 15 of January. I tell here that they didn't contact me until the end of January. To be accurate?  Feb 4th, 2011.

My father is saying that UAB didn't keep him alive.  My father's doctor is talking to my sister in law. My mother is keeping him home with home health care. She's not taking him to the senior center. Now he's second guessing the people that kept him alive in favor of people that nearly put him in the ground.
I am very worried about my dad. Mom told him that she was by his side all of the time. She wasn't when he was unconscious. Then she  only went to see him once a day. The other time she was staying at my brother's house.  I know because I went to see him the rest of the time. She only started going there after she found out I was stay the rest of the time.

I'm worried for daddy. Very, very worried. I'm just not sure what to do.

Oh yah.  Time to work on the west fence and the woods edge. Might even cut through for path for nest kennel site. Got a lot done today. Still have to make sure there's no barbed wire on the west fence path but I think that it can be done.

Hope list for March, April, May?

No real order Just wake up, look out the window and pick something to do. Best priority is weather and what help that I have to do things.

learn to clean chain saw
get new chain for chain saw
take limb and sweep east, north, and west paths
cut trees sort out pole barn site

Pull up barbed wire on and along west fence.
Cut trees etal along west fence
Move trees to wash, to prevent wash, etc
Cut trees along wood edge
Remove vines and undergrowth
Cut path from east to west  fence lines
Cut path from new kennel area to the grass yard
Make moveable for walking across wash
Cut trees move vines on the house side of the east fence
Set up new chicken yard to clear grass
set up green house

clean around pecan trees
clean south fence line
fix kennels
set up new kennels
Dogs get shots and visits

organize yard
cut bushes for painter
estimates for painting house
make new chicken houses
put doors on chicken house
storage building behind house
storage building at new kennels
set up sink and solar water heater at kennels
learn to use post auger
use post auger to install gates and for kennel pen
set up wood pile for house and for each living section
set up swing
beer garden for WB
kitchen upgrade *sink, flooring, cabinet doors
Clean closets

This is a long list and it's definitely not in order. A lot is weather dependent. If it's raining there's inside stuff. Otherwise it's outside stuff.  The outside is important now because of the heat in June through September. I'm saving that for inside and for renovations that other people do.

We're doing pretty good. My goal for Feb was to clean the fence lines for the west parcel, the edges of the woods, and any place that was in the way when WB bush hogged.  I'm hoping to have this all done by Sunday next week. My goal for March was to finish the chicken and new dog kennels.  Get the dogs shots, clean my closets, clean WB's closets, and spring clean the kitchen. I need help for some of the outside work. I'm not keen on using the chainsaw without someone else here. Plus it's easier to cut and then move limbs with help. I have to work quickly because the sap rises and by June the bushes and grass can be tall.  Already the sap is rising. If it can stay coldish the snakes will stay in their dens.
Note MUST have west fence and gate sorted for the dogs to stay outside. That might be project for this coming weekend.

I'm so excited about what we did today. I know that it will be just beautiful by the end of next weekend.

April is for working on the house yard and putting up the green house. It should be warm enough to have the chickens in their new yard.  The only thing I can't really do is cut the front bushes. Have to make sure that the Mockingbirds don't have nests in the holly. Really should prune trees and root the cuttings.

Considering the sad thing that happened this past Thursday, I'm getting sleep. Has a lot to do with the physical work that we're doing. I'm just pooped. It's a good tired as I have something done and something to do tomorrow.

Songs that I heard today were by Colin Hay (Men at Work) and the Steel Sisters. (Re broadcast of a June  2013 Prairie Home Companion.

You know.  My perfect day is waking up, dressing, snack, sorting the dogs, going outside to work, break for late full breakfast or early lunch, project work in yard, visit with dogs while taking a rest or reading in the hammock, shower, supper, movie,  check the emails and watch previous night's LLS  or tv (Big Bang Theory, 2 broke girls, American Idol, the political shows on Friday night and the Sunday AM now that it's coming on the political season, How I Met Your Mother, and Glee)
I also like baseball (Braves)and college football (SEC games). It's lovely to work outside in the morning in Summer, shower, eat lunch, and then watch the Braves under the air conditioner. Chips, soda, or pop corn.

This is a lot to do. Going to bed. Lots to do tomorrow.

PS My parents are idiots. They could be spending time with all of their family. We're fun and we have something to show for our time.  We're interesting.  They're so wound up and uncomfortable. Hiding.  We're moving forward. Ah well I hope that things will change for them. For me? No more stories for them. I saw them in their real and I've got things to do. I haven't got time for that level of pain.

Today? They missed visiting with us after we worked outside.  Under the trees with Lucky, Pup, and WB.  All of us so tired. Except Lucky who could have gone on for the rest of the evening.  They missed seafood night at the local restaurant (oysters! and nice people). Tomorrow they'll miss more work but they'll also miss church and the lunch after. You've gotta love a church who'll take you in Sunday service dressed in your outside work clothes. Last Sunday I pulled tree limbs right up until 15 minutes before service. We came in late. I was wearing my tshirt covered in dirt.  Same for night meeting. Tomorrow will be the same. Worked around the rain last Sunday( it started just before church and stopped just after). They'll miss putting my boat in the water at the lake.  They'll miss the life here for staying at home. Holding on to old fights.  They'll miss us. Maybe. I hope that things will change but after last Thursday, I've stopped waiting for it like it was the only thing to do. Waiting for them to change like they're  the last bus of the night on a mean street.  Theirs is a mean street but here? It's not.

I miss Newt and Billy. I'd tell them and they'd tell me to go forward.  I think that they'd understand.

I miss Newt stories. I miss watching Billy dance. Seeing him with his head set in such a way. Reading his letters. Unlike the angst of my parents, Billy and Newt's  were creative worlds alive with thought.

I'd love to have BudN show up in the middle of all this. Like he did the last time.  I'd stop what I was doing. We'd all stop what we were doing and drink glasses of ice tea in the shade. Then?  Then we'd stand him a dinner from the It Don't Matter. Under the trees. It's a Sunday tradition.

And mercy, I miss having IrishDavid in my world. I miss him fierce.


To bed now. I found out last Thursday that I haven't wasted the very air that I breath. I have things to show for my time.
Good things.





Friday, February 28, 2014

Beautiful sunny, cold day.

Delightful Pup.  I'm lucky that he's my son. Really great person.

No more weird looks on my blog. Yay! 

Love The Planets.

And now to work outside. Have a lot to do.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's gone. Vampirestat is gone.:P Lol. Goofed off more than worked yesterday. Was raining this AM Looked at calendar and thought, "Ah crup. I need a date or chaperone. Someone who can goof off, dress up, show up on time time, has goof off time, AND (important) have fun. Combination Craig Ferguson with George Clooney wardrobe. Where do I find one of those? They'd have to be free at drop of a hat for the rest of 2014. They'd have to be fun. They'd have to want to walk with the dogs and maybe end up on a Mardi Gras Krewe. " I don't think WalMart has one of those. Maybe Twitter? We could make it a reality tv show. I'd watch. Argggh. .

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh crup. Starting to feel like I'm catching a cold. Yeck. .
Worked hard yesterday and today. Love it when hard work has something to show for the effort. Cleared a path on the fence line. This way the pup and I can get fresh air and make sure that there's no holes in the fence. Still have another day or two of work ahead. WB is helping. This is so good. Hoping for good weather. The bad news is that I didn't get to go to see CF in concert. :( WB asked me about it and I told him that sometimes it's tough to be the grown up. I'm due a fun couple of days but looking down that fence row and seeing clearing was just too important. We've had such lousy weather. Now I'm hearing that there's rain next week. Since there have been times where we've prayed for rain, I shouldn't complain. It's just that we've spent very valuable time dealing with rain, cold, sleet, and snow. Will be a long day tomorrow but what a joy it will be to have this done!!!!! Was thinking about things while I was lopping all those bushes. When my mother was young and when I was young too, guys had to pass the dad test. I wonder if that's still true? Something my dad might say... I think that a guy should come to the door. Respect yourself... .

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hurray. No more vampirestat. No more views from people who don't answer back or come from place that might be in the international news. If this works, there's a way to get rid of vampire stat. Yay.
It's already started. The long march through the day that is all about "love" but never seems to work out that way. Believe it or not I used to deliver telegrams and actually helped someone ask his girl friend to marry him. As in I dressed up as cupid, arranged the particulars like the champagne and the ring and glasses, the place to ask, and was even there to announce his arrival. The next year she hired me to deliver a birthday greeting. She was pregnant at the time. It's not that I don't like romance. I love romance. The people who I'm around do romance like they do kp. My horoscope says that I like romance that humbles and makes me a better person. If that's your idea of romance, please, have at it. That is the kind of romance that YOU like. I'll take the kind of love that makes you feel puffed up and invincible. That's the kind that I like. Honestly, I think that I'm adopted. The one that matches? Everyone you love makes you laugh. They do it unexpectedly and yet consistently. You'll try to return the favor today and succeed with flying colors. I want the cupid, singing telegram, the sender thought about it, and actually like me kind. Otherwise, I'd rather skip it. I want the hearts and flowers because the person cares about me and I care about them. There's only been one person who's done that. For the love of Pete, don't send me an obligation. I know the difference. A holes. .

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's be okay.



The key people in my life who keep telling me that I'd be perfect if I'd just change...

Then they're gone.

I'm exhausted.

Lol. I'm supposed to turn the other cheek.
Just not sure that I have the energy.

It's supposed to be pretty tomorrow.  Since it's just me posting for me?  I'm not sure if I'll put anything here.

Just incase,  Hugs and Happy Valentine's day self.   I know that is about it for the day.  Just a lot of work. 

But I think that I'll put something else here.\

Dear Karma,

I didn't do anything wrong. Surely I have enough good Karma stored that maybe just maybe I can hear from Newt or Irish David.  Just to let me know if they're okay. Fill me in on their life. I can't imagine that they've given me a thought but it would be nice to add a good memory to tomorrow's list of disasters.

Just them though.  Otherwise leave me alone.  I'm pretty well used to hiding out in my Valentine's Day Hurricane Hole. It's just 24 hours and it's supposed to be sunny. :P



Date? 2/13/2014

It feels like bile coming up the esophagus and heading to your mouth.

It's not the nervous dizzy kind of anticipation.

It's more like dread.

Happens every year.  I still hope that something will happen differently but not like the fella in mythology.  I don't roll my hope up a hill without a clue that it will roll back down.  I'm wondering if there isn't some kind of bad wish from someone. Someone who thinks that I've wronged them.  If they only new the "nun's life" that I live here. The wouldn't be mad at me. Maybe they'd even feel sorry.


So tomorrow? I won't watch the gate. I guess I'll take the new chain saw and cut limbs.

Valentine's Day.

It's the day I remember David sending me flowers. They were beautiful. I'd been such a sh#t .  He's telling me that he wants to get to know me. I'm answering in this hissing kind of voice, "You want to know me? No you don't. You have no clue." He's saying in this quiet voice, "Yes, I do." He sounds tired. Like it's the millionth time he's said it and the millionth time I've said,"NO!"  Inside I'm beggin my mouth to shut up. My heart is screaming for me to stop. But responsibility, to my situation? It's shouting it all down. He won't stop. Finally I tell him," Okay. You really want to know me? You'll send me flowers. A dozen. Then..." He stops me. "Okay" He's online ordering flowers. He wants to know what kind I like and where he should send them. He sounds so tired. Then he says,'I can handle the rest of this." and then "Done."

It's over.

Later I get a call to confirm. Responsibility shouts,"Reject."  The girl on the phone is smiling. I can hear her. She asks again and I ask her if there's a card. When I hear the words? I'm quietly awed. "Do you want them." she asks.  I stuff Responsibility into a dark corner of my mind and tell her the honest answer.

I wonder if he knew how this would change every other Valentine's Day. How I would dread it. Tomorrow I'll open that memory and tend that little flame of happy. Then I'll shut it away. Protected from Responsibility and it's relentless march through my heart.

January, I didn't watch the gate.  Instead I fell asleep early. Didn't even watch the New Years programs.  I just got tired and went to sleep as if it were any other night. I think that it was an omen of this year.  Today I feel tired. I'm kind of exhausted from the weather and the pain. The sun is out though so there is the blue sky and the no rain. Like a cheerful friend that you can tuneout while you sit in the sun.  It's after you've been sick. You sit there.

If it weren't for the dread?
It would feel like just another day.

Little black dress. Lol. I'll more likely be in jeans and a tshirt. Nothing romantic about me.  .

Tomorrow? Just like New Years, I won't watch the gate. 
I guess I'll take the new chain saw and cut limbs.

But there is Hope. I'll leave a note on the gate to honk the horn.

Just in case.

Craig Ferguson will be in concert Sunday.As much as I really want to go? More than likely responsibilities will have me here rubbing sore feet and pulling leaves out of my hair.

I really do want to go.  Because of all the snow and rain, I need Sunday to work outside.