Friday, February 18, 2011

"...Take the organ out of the box and put it in your mouth..."

 @Craigyferg to Sarah Chalke on last night's Late Late Show.


(Note "mouth organ" is another name for harmonica. I've posted this quote because while it might sound oh so wrong out of context. It's perfectly okay in context. Something to remember in writing.).


Not that I want to die young ---

I used to think that the most vulnerable population of our society was the very young. Now? I'm not so sure. The young don't really know all of the pitfalls of a misstep. They know if they're tired and they know if they're hungry or feel uncomfortable but their awareness of trouble is pretty much in the moment. Once the wet diaper or the empty stomach is tended? They've no worries. But the old? Unless there is serious mental impairment, they know from long experience that there maybe trouble ahead of them. Or they may struggle with a diminished independence after years of taking care of themselves and others.

I'm watching as my parents navigate these waters and it's got me wondering about the future and praying for theirs.

Serious stuff.

I wonder. Do we want to continue hunting rabbits with the pack OR do we, like an old dawg, want to sit in the sun and chase them in our dreams?



Thursday, February 17, 2011

A very important lesson that I've recently learned...

"Sometimes? It's better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission."

Not that I recommend that for all life situations.

It does need to be legal and moral.

But if it is?

This is a very good thing to know.

Therefore, I'm going to sit here quietly and act like it's okay to sleep here. I must say that this is a learning experience.  I'm greatful for the roof over my head and the kindness of strangers. It would be terrible to be homeless and it can be frightening to be sick. It is also a miracle to have good healthcare.

Now if I can just convince my Mom that my being here is a good thing. Life will be good.


PS Looks like the count down to the royal wedding photo has changed. Going to see what new thing there is to read.


Have determined that I'm not suffering from boredom.


It's worry.

So have gone to the source of worry to listen to CF You tubes, answer emails, spend maybe 3 hours with folks, and write in peace. Who knew that I'd find a quiet place to write. This is not the way I wanted to find a quiet place to write but well as I'm here.


PS Dad is better and better.  Just trying to be vweey, vweey, quiet so that no one will run me off to the lobby waiting. sshhhh...


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I'm  bored.
That terrible bored that has me hanging upside down from the rafters in the attic.
Nothings helping.
I've tried eatting,
hopping on one foot,


(deep breath)

playing with the dogs.

My eyes are glazed over and nothing is helping.
I need -
A kiss or a hug might help.
Or sex.
Sex would be good.

Only that's not an option.

So I'm sitting here.
Smile plastered on my face and party manners in gear. Asking anyone within earshot,

"Hello. Want a tasty donut?"

I am so bored..

c anne ford

3 ?

(Source: onionpickler, via customxmade)

It's like visual Hiaku.


Planet Eclectic and the Gazelles...



"There's  always been designers who aren't the norm. No one would have accused Coco Channel or Betsy Johnson's bodies of being worthy of the SI swimsuit edition. That's why I'm always surprised that the women who walk the runways always look as if they come from another race on some distant planet. On their world all the women are tall, thin, with perfect teeth.

Twice a year they're beamed down from that world to the land of the Imperfect Eclectic People for Fashion Week."

c anne ford


Dad to rehab as soon as there's a bed available. WB gave me something to read about the aftermath of ICU stays. Mom is with him 25 out of 24 hours. She's like a little humming bird. She flits around dad doing things that the nurses and the doctors tell her to do.  I can still see her face when dad was first coming allert. Her face right next to his asking him, "Do you know me?"  She looks at him and then points to me, "Do you know who that is?" Everyone is monitoring for focus and lucidity. Watching each breath and then for the next. Preachers come and go and pray over us and over dad. The pray outloud and I silently pray for them to ,"Go away." We all have our "game faces" on.  We're determined to think good thoughts. We pray. We make foolish promises to God if he'll just let dad live. I let my optimistic side believe that he's just playing possum. He's mad at me for going my own way.
Any minute he's going to sit up and yell, "Fooled you."

I'm exhausted. My mom is exhausted. My brother yells at me later  about my not being around.  Outside of the ICU the game face melts and old horrors surface.

Each of us sure that the other is either an idiot or a selfish prick.


Live From the ICU

c anne ford, 2-16-11

all rights reserved by the author.

Dad not only better? He's moving. Yay! Yay! Yay!

Well lah de dah to me. WB and I went out to eat last night. The food was amazing. Then? We went to the local park.

I'm so tired of all the draaahhhma in my family.

Nice to be out in the world for a bit.

More later.



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And now the winner of the WHHY102 divorce contest...


While we wait, something seasonal from Conan.

Happy VD!\


Dear World,

Along time ago we san this song in chorus. At the time I had no idea that I'd be "singing" it in reference to a family member.

Dad, this song is for you.

No late night tv for me kiddies. It's "early to bed and early to rise".

Hugs and kisses,

Anne (not the Madwoman of Chaillot)


PSsst.  If you'll look to your left there's a widget for the ultimate reality tv show,  William and Kate Tie the Knot.  I'm old enough to remember the last show, The Charles and Dianna Fairy Spectacular.  I wonder if they'll have Martha Stewart do color comentary for the colonialists?

Stay tuned.


Monday, February 14, 2011



"It's not love that sucks.

It's VD that sucks."

@GoatHerderBoy from Twitter

happy VD


Feck VD. More Grammy.


Well while we were sitting here in the waiting room? The world marched on.

From last night's Grammy 2011 show....

LOL Just the proper amount of "suk"tion.

Happy VD.


It's not Love that sucks...


It's VD.


Ah, VD.

Like a really bad kidney stone or a migraine?

This to will pass.

If not?

There's drugs.

Happy VD (Valentine's Day) from planet Hospital.


The further adventures of "John" and "Yoyo"...


I have diarhea.

My dad is still in the hospital.

My son ate the Little Debbbie donuts so I'm eating peas and milk for breakfast. (Don't ask.)

The whole world is puking red balloons and roses.

Good news my dad's not dead.

The bad news?

I honestly think my mom hates my guts.

It's 6AM and already the day sucks.

Happy Valentine's Day.