Friday, May 11, 2012


Just checking in to say hello.


No one from Antartica has read my blog.



Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Next to antibiotics and that cream stuff that stops the itching from sunburns, they are the best invention on the planet.


:D Need beach.

Saddle up the horses and pack the sun screen, Skippy*.

We're goin' on a road trip.


*Please note. Skippy is my new intern.

I love my new intern. I used to have to do stuff but now I just get Skippy to do it.

Don't worry.

Skippy may have to "saddle up the horses" and pack the car but he also gets to go on road trip to the beach.  He really should stop the complaining.

:D Yay Skippy!!!


It's raining.

I'm wallowing in self pity.

I'm either getting yelled at -

or -

I'm being ignored.

Need pep talk.

Need road trip.

:) LOL , "...It just doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter..." .



. . I don't think I ccan staand the suu...

Songs for a rainy day. Cya. .
. . Why? Google it. .