Monday, February 27, 2012


Who knew that fencing could be so much fun?

For most of this experience it's been good, but that was just because the people were excellent and the class was well organized.

But Saturday?

I got to actually fence with another person.


It's gonna take a bit of work to get to the "point" of it all but I'm thinking it is worth it.

 . It's  a mental game.



Seriously good.

I may be "gawd awwful" but ....

If you're going to spend the seconds of the day doing something?

The endevor should be worth the effort.

Fencing, like sailing, is not boring.

You're chasing the new every minute you engage in the process.

Almost as good as the time we were in the boat and it spun out of control but we didn't lose it.

(Honest it did.)

But where while sailing is grace and power.

Fencing is speed.

I kind of like this "place".
There is something about this combination of people that's right.

There's a hum like electricity here.


I'm gonna stick around for a bit.

  Hmm but since Feb 29th comes BEFORE the next class. I'm thinking of taking a detour ...

(That there kids is a "blue link". )

Not for nothing, I do have a personal life....





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