Thursday, April 19, 2012


I'm thinking Zooey Daschenel singing and the melody? I Want a Woman Who Won't Drive Me Crazy.

I want a president who won't drive me crazy.
I want a president who isn't insane.
I want a president who is a grown up
I want a president who'll take the blame.

My son and I were talking about the coming presidential election. With all the talk of Romney vacations traveling with the family dog in a crate on top of the car. Then this news that Obama ate dogs and grasshoppers as a kid, he's thinking that Ron Paul looks like an elder statesman. We were talking about how all the spin is making both men look nuts.

And that was before Ted Nugent got into the mix.

I know that you can do write in candidates and well- after seeing the Tupac video above, we're thinking that ther might just be a better way.

We're writing in Tupac for president.

Think about it.

To my knowledged there is nothing in the US Constitution that says a holigram can't run for president. True, you can't marry a holigram (at least not in my state) but I don't think there's anything in the rules that say you can't run it for president. The candidate has to be born in the US and over a certain age. Plus lets face it. In a world where statesmanship is being replaced by thugs? We would have the baddest of them all.
If Holigram Tupac had been around? I don't think that anyone would mess with President Tupac.

Just imagine the State of the Union Speeches.

Or maybe? We could just have an American Idol Picks the Idol for President call in competion. We could all call in and vote for our favorite Holigram for President.

I'm hoping for a Micky Mouse version.

:D .



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