Tuesday, May 1, 2012

. Post card from my May vacation. Went out in the front yard in my boxers. Dogs needed a run and I needed the fresh air. This years rave for red neck motorcyclist must have been one heck of a time. We could hear them for miles. Seriously miles. A couple of years ago when they had the Elvis impersonator, no one complained. Anyway I got to sit in the front yard, watch the stars, listen to "Shout", and watch the dogs run around looking for rabbits. In my underwear. Life's good. :D .


  1. The guy playing poker in the tan hat. I swear, he looks just like my best friend from high schools dad. Can't be him 'cause my best friend from high school died but still - looks just like him.

    I loved that guy. He was about the crazies but sharpest man you'd ever meet. Could talk anybody into anything. Eskimos buying ice? He could do it.

    I really should write something about him but not now.

    Dogs are barkin'.
    Must have company or else they've got the UPS guy tree'd. (Not really as my dogs are models of good doggy behavior.)

    Better go look.



  2. So there I was standing at the front gate and talking to someone about something when all of a sudden the say, "That's so cute." I turn around to see all the dogs sitting in a row with their tails waqggin'.

    All of them.

    Forget the power of 'the force".
    It's the power of "the doggie treats".