Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I was up VERY late last night. Tippy tapping my fingers and writin'  but
guess what? 

I didn't miss it. snerk...

Not sure how to react but maybe a hug would be in order....

I've gotta go for a bit.  If it takes a while? Try Twitter.
(It's where I've been this AM.)

Practice highlighting and looking for things to read.
(Hint. Look in the places that look like blank spaces. )

I'm writing this now but this is about it. After this, Gentle Reader, you are on your own.

I'm leaving the porch light on just in case you come for a visit...




  1. You know if someone as cranky as Newt could find someone to love them?

    Maybe there's hope for me.

    So maybe I shouldn't give up.

    My day sailed his boat 4 days straight to make sure my mom got to a hospital. WB wouldn't climb one flight of stairs to bring me a bucket to throw up in. The preacher says that God doesn't promise us a good life. God just promises a good after life. Then he tells us to give some money in the offering plate cause he needs a raise or a big screen tv. I don't know why I still believe that there is someone for us all. I think that it's the optimist in me.

    I still like the story that Craig Ferguson tells about meeting his current wife. Nice story.


  2. A miracle happened. This blog reminded me of my writing buddy. Then I found this one, . I could feel happy ... sending out Namaste to my writing buddy hugs and thank you very much