Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pain day. .


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  1. The reality is that the pain days come. Some days they come quietly. I don't even realize that they're there until I look in the mirror and I can see my shoulders up around my neck. Then I do those things to do with stress. "Contract your muscles and then relax. Good. Now breath deep. Exhale...." Other days they come crashing in around my head and my body like a huge wave. I'm submersed in the experience of it. That disoriented feeling when you're under water and the wave is above you. Your trying like mad to reach the surface and not to get drug down into the undertow. Those days are for nothing but sleep.

    The next day I am exhausted.

    It's not easy to explain my life now. I still look at the gate and wait for -- something or someone. Everything else is like passing the time. Clock watching until something comes. I am just holding on...