Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Well -- when we did it?


It was a three ringed circus...

and I was the overweight, wanna be trapeze artist who sang Socretes..."

I want to remember this video. It's a good idea. Each of the parts in the song, Tower of Babel was a real philosopher; they where archetypes of their philosophical view. This takes that notion a bit futher and tries ( I guess) to make the architypes of these philosophies into stereotypes of regular people.

The video was incorporated into a production of Godspell.

I'd love to try and redo this idea. Just tweek it. I'd like to see WHO protesters, the "supermom" morphing into different settings. The man/woman business people at the negociating across the board room table, maybe lawyers arguing in the USSupreme Court, maybe a point counter point on a FOX or CNN news show, or screen shots of Twitter arguments back and forth. Much more contrast and pushing the architypes to their extreme. They are so wildly different. All speaking English but talking different "languages". It's that sharp contrast that shows the world's "Tower of Bable" existance. Then at the end, the same people watching these architypes on a video screen or sat TV. They'd question who they are in relation to all the "babel" that they are hearing and seeing. They'd mute it. Rewind. Catch it on TIVO. Trying to make sure they heard it correctly while they sing the final characters part.

"Who am I?"

What with the "conversations" you can have on Twitter. The ones where the idea is to throw thoughts out there and be heard but not hear back?

No dialog. Just "Kilroy was here." Now trending...


back to cleaning flower beds...

(at least I'll have something to think about in the heat)

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