Monday, October 11, 2010

I was reading another blog when I saw the post...


Ah the road not taken.

The one you don't take because of responsibilities to yourself and others.

I've marveled at the folks who could pull up their "roots" and travel half way across the world in a boat with kids and and pets in tow. They see the world not with indifference but with a total lack of all the terrible things that could happen. "How could they do this and subject themselves to ..." then follows the list of all the things that "responsible grownups" should avoid.

"Hello. My name is AuthorAnn and I am a responsible adult who avoided all manner of possible dangers to self for the sake of my family. Those possibilities that I didn't foresee were helpfully pointed out by other family members who, while they were off doing all manner of daring things, made sure that I was tucked away safe. Kind of like a chair in storage. Always safe and ready to be "sat on" when the whim occurred. It's been one year since I've decided that maybe that wasn't the best thing to do. Lucky for me? I lived to tell the tale.

"Welcome, Author Ann."

You can wait. I did. I stayed in the same place for many years.


If I could do it over again? I'd take Pup out onto the water as soon as I knew that he could hold on and think for himself. How could he learn that he could meet the unexpected and thrive? Who'd teach him this? We'd sure have had a better time than all the "responsibility".

There's a difference between the well lived life remembered and the regrets of the road not or no longer taken.

I'm taking my family with me.

Before it's too late and I get too old to do so.





  1. Well here's an irony.

    I asked WB what he'd done if I'd bought the boat 10 years earlier.

    He's response.

    "I'd ask you when we were going sailing."

    Oh the places we'll go.


  2. That would be "...His response..." not "He's response..."


  3. Please note. This isn't a critique of another person's blog. Just a personal riff on the road not taken.

    That's all.