Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AuthorAnn. Snake hunter.




LOL. I now know how to hunt and skin a rattlesnake.

Wait one second.

If you are an environmentalist fixing to yell at me about about food webs and ecological balance. Please look up and re read that sentence.


"...I now know how to hunt and skin a rattlesnake."


Thanks to the Discovery Channel, Craig Ferguson, and Shark Week, I also know how to swim with sharks and wrassle an alligator.  Just checking my schedule here -- wait lemmie see-  yeah- The only alligator in my future is a puppet named Wavey and I don't think that I'll be swimming with sharks in the near future.

"Knowing" and "doing"?

It's all about the words.

Now where was I?

Ohhh yeah....


Pssst. Want some toe tappin' fun? First, turn the sound for the first video to on while you watch the second video with the sound off.

LOL Crocodile Rocks with Penguins.

Laaaah la la lah la laaaaah....


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