Thursday, December 8, 2011


On the homeward stretch of tai chi's 108 movements.

As I've been practicing the kick sequence in the middle of the tai chi form, it has me thinking of the dances choreographed by Martha Graham. Was talking to Pup about it tonight. We looked up Lamentations by Martha Graham and found the following video of Ms. Graham dancing. A friend, who used to dance, was telling me about Martha Graham and the dance movement she help found. Apparently there are movements in modern dance and a dance philosophy in general that are unique to this dance form. Even the contraction and stretch within the movement is different.

Here's the YouTube of Ms.Graham dancing her original work, Lamentations. It's the first time I've seen here dance. I've seen photographs of here dancing and I've seen others recreate her work, but actually seeing her dance is a treat.

I'm saving this series of videos for later conversation with Pup. I really do wish that Billy were here to talk to Pup about dance and about Ms Graham. Plus I'd love for Pup to talk to Billy. I used to love to talk to him because we would pull from all kinds of ideas in order to understand a process. Pup does it too. If a movement of an atom would express and idea in dance? Both of them would use it to illustrate the point.

This is supposed to be Martha Graham dancing and not someone recreating her work.

If you aren't familiar with her work, Martha Graham was one of the founders of the Modern Dance movement. It's apparently unique with it's own dance theory. Supposed to be different than ballet.

Anyway the kick sequence in the second part of the tai chi form is very much like Martha Graham to my eye.

Who came first? I'm thinking it would be Tai Chi. Would love to ask Ms Graham if she was aware of the TaiChi movements. Hopefully someone did ask.


G'night, We're actually feeling much better here.



Was talking to Pup about the similarities between Martha Graham and Master Moy's 108 Tai Chi kick sequence. He mentioned seeing the dance group Mummenschanz on the DVD of the first season of The Muppet Show. Off we went to YouTube. Sure enough there are similarities.

Which led us to this video by Mummenschanz

.Pup's quick.

I wish Billy were alive to talk to Pup. He'd have had much to say and Pup would have had much to share in the conversation. Now I wish that I could have Master Moy, Martha Graham, the folks from Mummenschanz, Billy, Pup, WB, and myself in the same room to talk about influences in movement and dance.

Sigh. T'would be a good conversation.

Got to go. Sleep for me and Pup needs the computer. BBL

Don't you just love YouTube.

I'm getting that "time to sleep" feeling.

.Back later.



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