Saturday, February 18, 2012


The Further Advanetures of Plastic Man

Somewhere in the middle of PlasticLand

There lives the life a real live man.

Through the storms

He makes his plans


Why is it only men who make their ideal?  Pygmalion? Made by a man. Pinocio (spell it? I can't hardly keep my eyes open to type), again made by a man.

What type of ideal would be made by a woman?

I'm worried that we'd make such a flawed  individual (because we do like our bad boys) that he'd ruin our world before we could "fix" him.

Think about it.

Note. I had little to no sleep last night. Drove along way, slept with crank dogs , I'm trying to stuff a biscuit in my mouth, drink a glass of milk, listen to cranky pups, listen to cranky Pup.

The two legged one is now in the car complaining, "We are late. Stupid writers."

Sorry for the typos.

Rough draft.




Funny, but it's at this moment you'd get lucky.

Archaic ref. (Calgone take me away.)

So I'm thinking that the creation's name? Calgone

LOL and it was a woman who created the character Frankenstein.


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