Friday, February 24, 2012


For someone I don't know in celbration of their 50th birthday.

He writes a pretty good Blogspot blog.

I'm not sure if you'll see this comment.

First, happy birthday. The second half of a century seems to be different. Like going from adolesent to adult, we're finally far enough over into second phase of life to be past the "average experience".


Hmm, here's a challenge.

Can you express one experience today in one word? Will that word be inclusive enough so that I, a complete stranger, would understand not just the basic emotion but also specifics of the event.

For example, I can could use the word, "wet" to describe today because it did rain but I'm not sure if it's specific enough to ensure that the response would be atmospheric. After all the word "wet" could describe a sunny day at the beach or giving the dog a bath.

So there's the challenge from a complete stranger to celebrate their birthday.

I hope that the one word for a day this year is "bliss".




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