Monday, February 20, 2012

My Little Pony....of death !!! Dum dah dum daaaaah duuuuuum

If My Little Pony was made for the Sky Rim crowd.

Oh wait.

"Oh look, Johnny,  you're weird Aunt Rosie gave your little sister a My Little Pony. Isn't it cute."

"Uh mom?"

"Yes dear."

"I don't spend alot of quality time with My Little Pony dolls, but I'm pretty sure that their eyes arent supposed to glow like that."


"Yeah that pony has a Rays of Death mod and I'm thinking that it's not supposed  to shoot Rainbow Skittle Bombs out of it's butt. "

"Mooooommmmmyyyyyyy, My Little Pony just fried Fluffy with a death ray."

"My Little Pony of Death" coming to a  Mega Mart near you.."

Note: It took us a couple of time to watch the first time we were laughing hysterically so all we could see was the cute little homicidal My Little Pony. Thank the Lord for subtitles.

"Myyyyyy little ppppoooooonnnnniiiieeeee."


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