Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My son asked," If you don't like the way the LLS is now, why do you watch it at all?" Why do I?

It's funny.  When I first saw CF's tryout for the LLS gig, I was instantly taken with the "something about the man" behind CF.  His producer called him "lightning in a jar".   I laughed because he was like the uncle with the dry sense of humor who married your aunt.  He's the one that says what we might love to but can't.  At the time the world was still smarting from the aftermath of September 11th.  For an hour, 5 times a week, there late in the night it was okay to laugh at just how insane the world had become.  While Uncle Sam was going on and on about the evils of this and what we should do about it, this Uncle was cracking jokes about the situation. We could laugh and we could breath. We could remember that no matter how scary things were, we could still laugh.  To me that was Craig Ferguson.

He was the fearless and creative that I wished that I could be.


Not so much.

So why do I still watch?


Because somewhere a long the way, I began to think of this fellow not as just another late night talk show host. I began to think of him as a friend.

And that is why I still watch. If you've had a friend for a long time, you'll understand when I say that you don't give up on your friends.  so night after night I've been watching and hoping that I'll see something new.  That he'll get tired of the robot and the horse. Maybe he'll try something new or bring back something old and I'll see the  CF that I got me to laugh.

That said...

Dear @Craigyferg,  The time has come to push the robot out of his nest and make room for something new. JRT is a talented man. He'll do fine. You, on the other hand need to get out of your rut. Try something. Try anything. You might not be tired of the penis jokes but as a fan? I am. 
Please, I'm running out of excuses to watch your show.  cAnn in Blogspotville.



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