Friday, January 24, 2014

Oh my Lawd. It's cold.

I was looking at photos of Scotland in winter.

Finally just left the page.

My feet?  They are cold. I can feel the chill descend as the sun sets. If it keeps up we'll once again be all bunking together under layers of blankets (and this is with the heaters going). I think that we've finally got things sorted with the pups. Even with the newest member of the family, we're good.

In better news, the view numbers on this blog dwindle by the day. Hurrah.  By Monday, all of the views when the blog was public should be gone.  Good bye vampirestat.   If you are viewing here? It will have to be with my permission which you do not have.


I'm glad that I don't have my ego wrapped up in blog view numbers



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