Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Already done list

Not a lot of different tasks done but some important ones. 

I cancel three appointment. It felt right and I think it will prove an excellent decision in the long run. We've constantly been told that we were broke and that we had to be exceedingly careful about spending. Then I saw the bank statement.

After years of being "brow beat" by both my parents and WB on the issue of money?  I finally stopped being the person who worked so cheap and who balanced the family budget. By cancelling these appointments and saying outloud that it was due to lack of money, I forced certain people to come out and show just how money was being spent. There was and is money for my dogs.  :(

This was an easy and yet a difficult thing to do. I know that my dogs will not suffer.

I also
cleaned the dog kennels
exercised dogs
gave the dogs lap time
checked for ticks
fed the chickens

I was going to finish the rest of the day by pulling limbs but instead did something better.

Spent time with Pup learning about something he likes very much. I learned much about the computer and about pup.

dishwasher load/unload
wash and folded clothes
went to sleep.

It really was a productive day even if there wasn't a lot of tasks done.


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