Friday, March 28, 2014

Thursdays Already Done List

Woke up in pain.  Did TaiChi and the stretching exercises that I learned in fencing class.  It helps. I'd prefer to do this rather than take aspirin etc   Still Pain Day and a rain day.  The idea of climbing in bed with the pups and reading for the rest of the afternoon sure sounds good.  I have stuff ready for lunch/supper.  Cut up potatoes, onions, celery, and peppers for the potato salad last night so I just cut up the rest for vegetable soup today. Pup asked for a Reuben sandwich.  Thought I'd have to go to the store for bread but found some  so we're good. Guess it's a wash clothes, change sheets, and clean the kitchen day.

Vegetable soup, corn bread, tea, and cobbler sounds really good.

Thursday was a rest and reflection day.

WB and I walked over to look at the west section.  I presented my case for handling budges and for the next part  of planning for the farm.  I thought it would be another one of those, "I talk and then he says nothing" days but he finally started to participate. He told me that I'm doing a good job and then asked about something that I'd hoped to do for the dogs.

In the afternoon, I started the budgeting process. Sorted through stuff and began organizing the paper work that I have. It was oddly Zen.  Taking what looked like random and trying to see the patterns was fun. I find that if I can impose some type of order to this kind of random, even if initially it seems to take a while, will fall into place.  At that point, zooooooooom, it goes much faster. It's the same for the limbs.  I have a staging area now to (possibly chip) limbs.  I had enough work done so that I could explain why I may or may not need to use one.  Plus it's very close to where the trees were cut so I don't have to move them far. And when I do move them to the staging area?  They'll be very easy to handle.  This is important because of the time/cost factor.  I only have 12 hours work time with the chipper.  I don't want to spend an time moving or processing limbs when I should be chipping them.  I showed WB a couple of washes in progress that we could use the limbs to stop.  I also told him how I'd hoped to use the trunks for fire wood and for construction. I'd like to build a couple of foot bridges and I might could use the the tree trunks.  Could possibly use them to make a wood pile.  Wood piles are supposed to be up off the ground so that the wood doesn't rot.  Keeps the snakes and mice out too. I'd like to save the lumber for two small storage sheds.  Any harvested trees that are used instead of burned or chipped is a good thing. (Martha Stewart)

Afterwards I cooked supper (hamburger steak and potato salad with iced tea, watched the weather, and loaded the dishwasher.
I was really happy to get to bed and didn't even take time to read.

Today (Friday) it is  indeed raining. It must have started early this morning.  I've been up since 5:30. Did a mini set of TaiChi and then decided to eat breakfast before taking a shower.  (  grilled cheese, cottage cheese, sweet pickles, and orange juice.)  I'm going to have to take Big Dog outside for his run and poop.  Thought that a hot shower after would be better than one before.  There's no lightening in this rain and I have a raincoat and rainboots BUT it's still a wet activity. Plus, Big Dog will want a hug. He'll be wet and I'll end up covered in Big Dog hair..  Good thing that he's sweet.

The prediction is for rain today and tomorrow so I'll be inside washing clothes. I'd rather have spent it outside. At least we knew this was coming and I could plan for it.

Better change  for outside.

Hope that everyone has a good day.


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