Monday, July 28, 2014

Lord I miss Newt

I have a weird request. As one Twitter stranger to another. Despite all the nonsense Tweets, I really am a writer. I just stopped writing for a bit. I've started writing again. Only one person here will encourage me to do this. I'm a fiction writer. I don't write mean spirited. It's not in me. The thing is. I used to have a writing buddy who was as different as night and day to me but who was the best inspiration I ever had. She's gone. 
If I periodically tweeted to you "I'm slacking"  Would you tweet back what my friend used to?   She'd tell me, "Go write." I realize that this is weird but I think that what I want to write now is really good. And as luck would have it, I have a place to send it  for publication  I messed up last time.
I don't want to do it again.


  I knew someone who played guitar.
  I bought it for a 20. 
 I thought he'd do it all. But me?
 I'd not be worth a penny.. 
 I found him just the other day. 
Upon that world wide web. 
Figured he'd be a rich, rich man. 
Or maybe he'd be dead.
But there he was alive 
and well not in some exotic clime. 
 and there he was with out his hair
A victim of decline.
And here I am with stories. 
As rich as any vagabond. 
And there he is some Sansom 
with all his hair long gone.
Writer Ann  7-28-14
I Got His Guitar 

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