Saturday, August 2, 2014

Oh please, being a woman is NOT the reason to hire a woman.

Ah no. The idea about sexual equality isn't hire her because she's a her,

Sexual equality is about hire the person because they're the best for the job.

Personally, I think that, when Craig Ferguson leaves, CBS should drop the LLS and clean up this time slot with a Shamwow infomercial. 

Or maybe replays of NCIS/BigBangTheory.

Or maybe start the over night  CBS news broadcast at 12:30CST

Syndication and infomercials have an audience and make more money and more sense than paying out money for an unknown. People watch  The over night news would tie in with Stephen Colbert's political satire. That would trend to CBS's efforts to take a political turn with the late night programming

Even if you are a big brained, VH1 chat host, it makes no sense to waste money in this time slot with what is a failing format. 


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