Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dear Readers,
I didn't ask you not to read.
I just asked you not to hack.
Thing is that in less than 6 weeks one family member has died and another has gotten some scary health news.  I don't even get to think of my side of the families health issues or mine right now. I just try to ignore them until I'm where I can deal with them. I can take care of the others but I'm not sure who would take care of me. We seem to be lucky so far. Met the right people in time. Not something that I can't handle. But seriously, being screwed with, being hacked isn't something I need to deal with right now. I wouldn't mess with you. Please, don't  screw with me.

You are all welcome to read.

I could really use a story.
I could really use a Newt story.
Newt, I miss reading your stories. If you were here, I would be telling you about the pups, the chickens, how the guineas flew into the neighbour's yard, how beautiful the woods look.
I know that you're gone but I think that I'll  write as if you are still here.  So much has happened.
I finally found someone to teach me how to use a chain saw..

If ANYONE knows of NewtLoveRock (eBay), tell her hello.

The next posts are my Zen Garden.

Story tellers welcome.

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