Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Now hear this.

12dotsandablot is a writer's blog.

A fiction writer's blog.

Fact and fiction peacefully coexist here.

If you don't know which is which?

Do not ASSume.


Leave this blog alone.

A word from the writers.

"Hello. An actual human here.  I write this blog for fun, entertainment, and as a way to practice writing. I think of this blog as a fun way to do writing "situps".

I try very much to have fun

Please, if you have any inclination towards hacking mischief, go do it somewhere other than here.

In my real life I have enough serious. My real world  "plate" is full of stupid.
My parents don't talk to me.
My SO is in a funk (Their mom died.)
And health issues? My health issues have been on a waiting list for years. Soon as everyone in my immediate family gets sorted, I hear that my issues will be addressed.

Surely there are other people who you could hack.
Other people who would be more interesting to pester.

I'm busy getting yelled at.
I'm due sleep.
I'm  due 1 year of sabatical.
I'm way under paid.
I haven't had sex in years.
I am way over due for my semi annual beer.
In other words, I'm tired out.

Please go pester someone else.

Please leave this one tiny bit of imaginary sunshine alone.


The Person Who Writes This Blog. "


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