Friday, March 10, 2017

My already done list for Jan, Feb, & first week of March

Prep character for Pups thing
Prep for NYC trip and make trip
Trips due to funeral/illness
Washing clothes because of sick washer
Errands Pup stuff

Plus planned stuff:

Limbs off front right of way moved prep for burn

limbs/trees on east side of back road moved to wash

limbs trees moved off east fence line moved to wash

Burn pile set up or on trailer

Major brush piles/ limbs moved to wash

major snags in North and central section removed to washes or burned

major problems and washes in front section addressed

trees ready for chain saw work

Added new chickens and guineas

99.9 o/o this year's problems handled

Still time to finish for 100 o/o

Phase one this year was to address snags, prepping downed trees for chain saw work, prep for building

Make west area safe for people and animals

Prep for fencing

99 percent done

I'm  tired but happy.
Not stressed.
Still wrote it's  escape for all the work.


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