Monday, March 29, 2010

11:47:00 AM We're fighting over who takes the dog to the vet...

I've spent the last .... years taking the living things in my life to the doctor.

I even spent 30 days doctoring a chicken. That would include convincing the vet that he was indeed a chicken doctor. Then every day I had to take that unhappy chicken into my clean bath room. I had to wash it's chicken foot. I had to put medicine on it's chicken foot. I had to rebandage that chicken foot. All by myself. Not fun.

Now I'm being called a fuck up by the same people who won't take the dog to the vet.

Meanwhile Buffy is sitting there looking at us and I'm pretty sure thinking, "Could you guys get some marriage counseling. No wait first take me to the vet and then...."

There are words being said. Something about how I spend all day at the house writing when other folks have real jobs.

Good thing I like Buffy otherwise this could get ugly.

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