Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Funny thing.

Of  all the people who've come and gone in the revolving door of life? Not a one of them looked at my boat and dreamed.  Some were skeptics. Some? Just out right complainers.  One came all the way just to say that it was a POS.

I just sat quiet and let them do their thing.

Now that they've all come (and gone) I can sit quiet here in my little Zen garden and think of my dad's boat.  For many many years people came and went. Even the preacher offered to go out on the second trip. "I'll pray for you on the river bank on this first voyage.", he told dad.

So I'm sitting here thinking of of them all and I'm wondering just what I was trying to do.  It took a while but I finally heard that voice of  (my) reason inside my heart.

"You'd be wanting a pragmatic optimist.  A dreamer of stories but a doer of things. Someone who can entertain themselves throught the rough patches but not someone who wants to live there. You'd also be wanting your own so that you don't ever have to settle. Mostly you really don't want someone who'll be asking 'Just who do you think you are?'  nor  telling you that they were gonna' show you your place. No one who you know deep inside really doesn't like you very much. You deserve better."

We all do.

I've seen some hard times and heard worse from others.  What seems to keep me going forward has been the dogged determination not to go backwards.

I used to think that I had to go backwards to appreaciate the things life had given to me. Now I know that's just stupid. 

I'm going forward.

Dare to be different.  Be happy. 

As for Mr. Right?

Nothing has changed.

Never will.

In the mean time?

Got things to do.




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