Monday, April 9, 2012



I once tried to look on the bright side for this guy on the Internet. He was busy complaining about how his Tuesdays always sucked.

I should have just agreed that his Tuesdays did indeed suck and then "walked away" -- really fast.

For two very long seconds I was stuck in the crap of his life.

Then he said something that has colored my perception of blog life for years.

He said, "I enjoy the piss colored rain so much."

Suddenly every relationship that I'd ever had with a man came into a sharp focus. All this time I'd been sunshine in the middle of a guy's thunderstorm. They liked it and I just got soaked. It was pretty clear that our interactions were NOT making rainbows.

No words of wisdom.

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  1. The question.

    Why did you give up men for God, Oprah, money, and common sense?