Monday, May 21, 2012


In other news.

Apparently Tv's Craig Ferguson told this lady in Florida (at Paley Center Press line)  -  anyway she asked him where he was going to take the show next and he said ----------deep breath -----

the Southern US.

Dear Tv's Criag Ferguson,

If you come to the Southern US to do your show, can you please come eat fried chicken with us out under the trees or even better on the sail boat out at the lake?

I'll be sure to use the good china.


The folks at the Slacker Chronicles.




  1. ".. from Florida..." not " Florida..."

    ( I hate editing. )

    And yay that the Ghosts of Belfast in going forward.

    Yay <I just like the understatement of the word.



  2. I'm also sitting here with precariously seated on the edge of the bed, very early in the AM, with two pups, next to me a sleep. This is my favorite time of day because every one is asleep and it's quiet.


    Once the dogs wake up it's pandamonium until lunch.

    zNo, I'm not going to spell check.