Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A truth about my Dad.

Before he was 11 he hopped on a bus and took a trip 90 miles one way.

He wanted to go see the Vulcan.
When he was a teenager,  he and his brother ran away from home.  They worked on a ship that took them to Cuba.

I think that it was a banana boat but I'm not sure.

Then? He lied about his age and joined the service.

They found out and sent him home.

When he was in his 60's,  he sailed the boat that he'd built to Cuba.

He went to see Earnest Hemmingway's house..

In his 80's he knocked on death's door, stayed long enough to see that the people in the place he was headed were very nice and very understanding about his earlier "adventures".  "He's got it out of his system. He'll be wanting a bit of a rest now." they'd said.

While he was visiting this place, he was unconcious to us. Like he was sleeping.  I remember sitting in the ICU waiting room crying and praying to God to let him come back.  "We have unfinished business. Things that if they aren't sorted out will haunt our family. Please, let him come back."

He came back to us because he had unfinished business to take care of with us.

For me?

He kissed my head and told me that he loved me.

Then for Father's Day we built  a stand for his out board motor.

He is my father. What I wanted was to make sure that he loved me.

He never really told me before.

For my brother?

You'll have to ask my brother.

For my Dad because he has a sense of humor and has been on tough cookie to the rest of the world. to me?

He's my dad.

Going out for a walk or something.

No good to sit here and worry.

. .


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  1. My mother is going have a fit about that video...