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"...Their authors found it was the point of time - not too near and not too far away - on which their imaginations could most easily focus..."

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The Go Between


H P Hartley

"... I've been crying again.  I went to see my father and during the conversation he showed me his arm.  It's covered with at least half a dozen circular bruises.  All about the size of a half dollar.  They are completely blue-black to the edges.  He told me that he'd seen a physician's assistant and was told that this was the result of medications that he's taking.  I told him that he should go back and see his doctor. Before we left, I told him that I'd see what I could find out about the medicine.  I'd see if there was any drug interactions.

There are.

But that's not why I'm crying now.

I'm crying because I asked to go with him and my Mom to see the doctor.  I had questions about why the PA would be so calm about such extensive bruising. According to my Dad, the PA was supposed to have said, look around every one has this problem.

One of the bruises on the other arm has a sore type place in the center of it.  He told me that the skin over the bruise broke and formed a sore. 

My Mom said specifically that I couldn't go with them to the dermatologist.

You have to understand that when I was finally told that my Dad was sick the last time, that it was via WB who'd been left a message on his answering machine.  By the time the message was left, my dad had been taken from his home via ambulance, taken to the local ER, taken to the ER of a hospital 60 miles away, put into the hospital where he stayed until he was placed into the ICU.

By that time, the ICU doctor said that his illness was so grave that he might die.

All of this happened in a matter of 3 weeks.  I'd talked to him at the first of the month.  By the end of the month he was unconscious.

I wasn't contacted at all in the three weeks that his condition grew worse.

To say the least, I'm a bit worried.


I'm very worried.



(I don't have a title yet. )

C A Ford





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