Sunday, June 3, 2012


Dear You,

You are invited to Christmas in July.

Due to the whatever of the powers that be,  my Christmas plans have changed.

Since I no longer have to do Christmas race/kitchen "dootie", I can celebrate.

Decided to start early.

(You can never start Christmas celebrating too early.)

So, I'm thowing a party.

Have tunes.

On the water.

I'm pretty sure that "Cruella de ville" will try hard to screw it up but I have hope.

Plus, she's not invited.

This is a dress up event which for me means wear the clean Hawaiian flowerdy shirts.

Shoes optional.

Clothing must cover the "get you arrested if you show it in public" bits.


Tee hee.


Come one. Come all to the Christmas in July Ball.


In other news. I do plan to break out the good china and have dinner out on the gazbo.  Will have to be on the sly because "Cruella" will nix it otherwise.

Suns up.

Stuff to do.


1 comment:

  1. Please note that Cruella de Ville is a character in a movie and is also the embodiment of those people who don't like fun.

    In other words?


    The party?

    Not a metaphor.