Tuesday, June 5, 2012


"...My heart goin' boom, boom, boom, boom. 'Grab your things I've come to take you home'..."*

The movie Brave will soon be released. Have been looking at the pre-release publicity and the snippets of the actual movie. From what's been said in the promos, this is a princess who doesn't need to be rescued by a prince. Dunno' but I'm not so sure that this is such a good thing. Honestly, there are times when being "rescued" by a handsome prince and then riding off into the "happily ever after" future seems like a very good idea.

Just sayin'. .

It's rainy out. Here I was looking forward to working out side and it gets weepy outside. .

*line form the Peter Gabriel song Solsbury Hill.  I love the line "My heart going boom, boom, boom..." 

Don't know about you but I could use some romance of the kind that heart palpitations and the words swoon were created for. The idea of hearing the dogs bark and looking out at the gate to see someone. The anticipation.  LOL.  Did I ever tell you about the catsup commercial?


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