Thursday, June 14, 2012


Well someone or someones did it.

Remember the 12 dots challenge to write a story using the post titles and the post comments? Well someone did it.

To recap. I used to write another blog. It was the very first blog that I'd ever written and it evolved into a kind of Zen Garden. There I constructed a story telling machine. The InterActive Blog Story. Toward the end, when I knew that the blog would be shut down, I used to love to randomly click through the links to read the various stories that would seem to magically appear. In reality it wasn't magic but very hard work that brought that blog to light.

That blog gave me something wonderful. Because of that blog? I knew. I am a writer.

It also let me come into the world of a lovely person, who even if they were a bit LOL grumpy, was so very talented and very kind in the good way. They promised me something and unlike all the other people who promised? They were one of the only people to keep their word.

I miss writing to them and hearing how they are very much.

It doesn't have a title.

If you have the ..... to come out into the light? Twitter me.

(And don't forget that what you write has a play list.)

Now then, "Once upon a time...."

., Welcome to 12 dots. A writer's journal. Fa...

. "Kittens and sparkly fricken My Little Pony...

. Welcome to summer term: Botnay 355 Let's liste...

. Ooops. Almost forgot. Can't be summer vacation...

For CinamonWaffles who can't sleep...

. Let's see. Keys? Check. Intern given directi...

. "...My heart goin' boom, boom, boom, boom. '...

. So here's a challenge. Look over there to the ...

Hurray ...

I predict. Horoscopes for the people who I know. ...

I'm not sure if this is a collaborative effort to schmooze or a single effort.

Got me on a morning when I needed to laugh.

And I did laugh.

In that funny way that has a big ole grin on your face all the way through the day.

You don't know why you're smiling but you can't help it.

It's funny and it's nice too.

It's the way I always felt when I heard from my friend above.

So the thing is? Who wrote it?

Thank you for the kind smile.

Thank you for "the bit of wind to fill my sails".






  1. Gentle Reader, good for you for reading the comments. What you must think. For the questions that you should ask:

    1) I did really have an InterActive Blog. I loved that blog. It gave me this quiet place literally in the middle of nowhere to practice writing. Creating the interactive stories were the best. It's were I found my "writer's voice". It's where I became a writer.

    2) I really did get to interact with an absolutely fantastic and inventive person. I was never really sure why they kindly gave their time but I know that it was the encouragement that I needed in order to write. This person was the first to comment on 12dogs. The first to encourage me to write. They were one of the few people who kept their word to me.

    3) I understand that this series of blog posts is more than likely random. I may see what I want to, hope to, or are ready to see. Even if what I see is randomly generated, it makes sense to me.

    4) In this day and age, and in the ages past, there are people who are filled with unhappy. So, yes, I've factored in not only the random possibility but also the mean one. The ones I used to read many years ago had a lovely little phrase, "Wind them up and send them out." I always think of them like the bowlers in Rip Van Winkle. They were excellent writers. Inventive. For fun they used to write collaborative stories. One would start and the others would add too. The game was to advance the story in different ways. Reading what they wrote was quit the way to spend the day but I never fit there. Instead of sharp edges hinding a kind streak? They wrote bitter and sharpe glass inside sweet words. It was a bit like seeing the cheetas at the zoo. They were beautiful to see but I was sure glad that there was a fence between them and me.

    5) The thing about being a writer is that you create characters that have to have a life of their own. By nature, I am a sweet person. I honestly have to work at the sharp edges. That's one of the reasons why I miss my friend, We were so different in natures but it felt as if the differences worked. I like to think that if things had been different, together we would have made a whole. That's a rare thing. So this series of posts, even if random, was so cheerful. LOL, Dunno.

    6) Now then, in my life there have been some really terrible things happen. People I loved dearly have died. I've been betrayed by friends and by family. The reason why I even started the old blog was that I'd reached a point where doing anything was better than what was happening. When this happens you either lose it or, like me, you learn to pull yourself out of it. It's like a stall in an airplane. They make you stall your plane on purpose so that you'll know how to cope when it happens by accident. I know how to find the good that might be in my life and hold on to it when the rest of the world is - well - not so good.

    If you think that you know me from reading this blog? Trust me. You didn't pay attention to the 12 dots disclaimer.


    But if there really is one person who actually took the 12 dots writing challenge?

    Good one.

    I've always been a Pesimistic, pragmatic yet romantic optimist.

    And I really do like long walks on the beach, LOL>



  2. "...It's were I found my "writer's voice". It's where I became a writer...."

    Should read

    "...It's where I found my "writer's voice". It's where I became a writer..."

    Sorry Edit Bunny.

    And right there next to the sentence, "... It's where I became a writer..."

    I'm sorry and contrite, EB. I really am. And as you might expect, there will be other typos and errors. It's me, EB. You know How I feel about editing. If I were good at it you wouldn't have the job that you so dearly love.


    Who loves you Edit Bunny?

    Why writers everywhere.



  3. LOL.

    I'm glad to have seen the above listing. LOLOLOLOL. It would seem that the currentlist is full of snark.

    Too late snark.
    You're a wimper
    No bark

    Maybe you should go read your horoscope.

    I'm enjoying the sun at the moment.

    Listening to Peter Gabriel.

    "...My heart goin' boom, boom, boom. :Grab your things I've come to take you home..."