Thursday, October 17, 2013


Melissa McCarthy.

I'm not going to rant.
I'm not.


I'm going to put on the clothes that make me feel fabulous and go out.

My theory is that there are people who are berating themselves because we don't meet some unrealistic size.
When they look in the mirror?
They see too fat, too skinny, too old, too young, too wrinkled, too......

I went back to look at photos from years ago.  I remember how insecure I felt at the time.  No one looked at me and said the words I needed to hear...

"You are fierce."

So I looked down, studied, and hoped that someone would ask me out.

They didn't and I was beautiful, smart, and lovely as a person.

I wish so bad that I could go back at tell that person in the photo that she shouldn't sell herself short.

I should square my shoulders, lick my lips, and say

The only negative thing I'm going to say about the cover?

It's such a cliché of that backhanded complement,

"She has such a beautiful face. If she'd only lose some weight."



After I showed those photos from the past?  I went to look in the mirror.

I am fierce.



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