Saturday, October 19, 2013


What I am looking for in a significant other:

Must like dogs and children.
Must love movies.
Must love Pastafarians, agnostics, Unitarians,  and Baptists
Must understand the phrase, "All who wander are not lost."
Must understand  how "We'll just stay a minute." can turn into "We really do need to stay the entire night."
Must understand if my friend is getting a divorce? They need someone to vent to but not advice.
Must love Big Bang Theory and the last Dr. Who.
Must understand that I will only like the upcoming DrWho if he wears cloths like the guy in the latest Esquire.
Must love to "run naked through the sprinklers" but not run naked through the sprinklers.
Must understand that alone time is very important.
Must understand that a person needs their quiet space.
Must understand that writers write.  Sometimes on Thanksgiving morning. They will have to know their way around a kitchen or a take out menu. Sometimes I just need to write it down. Put the plate on the desk and quietly leave or I will ignore or yell.
Must love music of all kinds and understand why there maybe a morning you'll wake up to opera or bird calls.
Must love art museums and art galleries. Honest.

Note. Someone once asked if I really did love art museums. I do. I really do. Makes me as happy as the World Series and the Iron Bowl.

Must like the World Series and the Iron Bowl.

Must love to hike. Nice if you'd like to tent camp.
Must understand the importance of room service and a suite at the Lowe's Miami Beach.
Must understand why travel is important.
Must like traveling to New York and then going back to the country in Alabama.
Must love to travel over seas.
Must understand the concept of the "World's Largest Ball of String" travel.
Must have a "party piece" and be able to suck it up and get along with the situation. Must also know when to ditch it for the sake of sanity.
Must understand that I didn't choose my family. I inherited my family. We get in, visit, and get out of all unpleasant situations. Smile at the jokes and look interested while in you're in your head your sorting your socks.
Must really love country music.
Must be able to fix a leaky kitchen sink but understand that there's a time to call in the plumber.
Must under the need for independence and the need to be a "lap dog".
Must love horses.
Must be able to take care of the situation so that I can sit quietly and admire their strength.
Must know enough about trouble so that we can get into it and out of it safely.
Must love flowers and understand the power of good jewelry, a great jeweler, and ebay/etsy.
Must love the southern part of me that can neither pass up a good conversation, antique store, or flea market.
Must be able to sit quietly and hold an excellent conversation with someone who's not their age; very old and very young.
Must own and wear a hat.
Must understand the guilty pleasures of a shared secret or bit of gossip.
Must love boats.
Must know how to haul my butt out of bed if I founder.
Must know how to "loaf" creatively.
Must love boats even when they break.
Must be willing to take up a wrench or a hammer when said boat breaks but not complain bitterly if we have to hire a qualified mechanic to fix.
Must understand and love to cook.
Must not demand that I keep house.
Must understand that I don't do sick.  I'm either an idiot or a big baby.
Must understand the importance of a hug.
Must understand that I really do like my church even if I might gripe. It's family.
Must understand the love/hate relationship I have with my family. 
Must love me.
Must know all of the words to Soft Kitty, Travis Tritt's  Great Day to Be Alive, John Denver's Thank God I'm a Country Boy...
Must be able to sit through the Iron Bowl and understand it's importance.
Must love me.

Must love the rain, the snow, adventure, the power of a conversation with complete strangers, and sex.


Relationships are tricky.
You must know yourself so that other people can know you.



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