Friday, October 25, 2013

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"One more thing.
My comment here isn’t about politics. People are going to think all kinds of things when it comes to politics. This is about the southern. I can read all kinds of books on all kinds of subjects. Can agree or disagree with what they wrote. This is about the “musicality” of words and culture. "


Dear Sir or is it Madam,
I have to introduce myself and tell you the very first thing that I didn’t read this post until after I wrote about the possum. I am sitting here in the dark writing and fuming at the indignity of that possum and it’s threat to my chickens. I’m also listening to Travis Tritt and I’m good with that because I like to here Travis Tritt sing. (Also for the record, I love to hear Miranda Lambert sing because here songs remind me of all the crazy southern women I have met in my life.)
I am southern, born southern, and except for a few mandatory and voluntary forays out into the rest of the universe? I’ve managed to stay put. However, I have been in a kind of exile of my own making here. It’s not because I talk funny for here. I take regular for here. It’s not because I can’t fathom the culture. Lol I can fathom it til the cows come home….
So I’m thinking after reading a post or two I came here by an accident of curiosity and that southern curiosity that my mother said did in the cat. Every once in a while there’s divine in it.
Providence I hope
So hello and please write back even if I seem a stranger and strange.
It’s not me to blame. It’s my southern nature.
Regards to you and your kin,
Writer Ann
Dogs are barking. This one is a lovey but also a worry wart.
PS Do you speak southern?"

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