Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Feb 12, 2014.

Not so much a pain day. Took an Advil this morning. Will take another tonight. Just kind of creaky today.  Much rangling with the dogs. So much rain. Soggy dogs aren't fun so I brought them with me.

We're just rolling along...

Only 2 more days until Valentine's Day.  Oh joy. For Valentine I bought WB a burger flipper.  He gave me a slightly used 3 ounce tube of hand cream with sanitizer with moisturizer.  I tell people that I got a chainsaw but since it's in his name? I'm not so sure.

No flowers. Not in this case.  Flowers are for people in romance.

Haven't seen romance since 1998.  Beautiful multicolored roses. Tried to root them but they were frozen in a freak freeze.  Much like my love life. 

Lol a whole section of this post disappeared.

So I'll put it very plain. It has been 13 whole years going on 14.
No, I'm not menopausal.
I'm interested.
It's lack of opportunity.
I'm out of practice.
Is it any surprise that I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day?

Got it?

Cause I don't.


The dogs are wanting chaos to turn to order.

Gotta go blog police. :P



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