Friday, February 14, 2014

It's already started. The long march through the day that is all about "love" but never seems to work out that way. Believe it or not I used to deliver telegrams and actually helped someone ask his girl friend to marry him. As in I dressed up as cupid, arranged the particulars like the champagne and the ring and glasses, the place to ask, and was even there to announce his arrival. The next year she hired me to deliver a birthday greeting. She was pregnant at the time. It's not that I don't like romance. I love romance. The people who I'm around do romance like they do kp. My horoscope says that I like romance that humbles and makes me a better person. If that's your idea of romance, please, have at it. That is the kind of romance that YOU like. I'll take the kind of love that makes you feel puffed up and invincible. That's the kind that I like. Honestly, I think that I'm adopted. The one that matches? Everyone you love makes you laugh. They do it unexpectedly and yet consistently. You'll try to return the favor today and succeed with flying colors. I want the cupid, singing telegram, the sender thought about it, and actually like me kind. Otherwise, I'd rather skip it. I want the hearts and flowers because the person cares about me and I care about them. There's only been one person who's done that. For the love of Pete, don't send me an obligation. I know the difference. A holes. .

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