Friday, March 21, 2014

If the next post looks overwhelming, you can imagine how I feel.

That is partly a future list of things to do. The good news is that it's also a list of things that have already been done.  I'm concentrating on adding to my "Already Done" list.  Otherwise, I'd throw up my hands an give up.

So far, I've planned for the weather.  It's supposed to be cloudy tomorrow  but no rain. Today wasn't as lovely as yesterday. Yesterday was Heaven on Earth.  I know that there are a lot of people here who are ready for the warm, clear, sunny day. Not that they don't appreciate the rain, it's just they need a little sun too.

For today's "Already Done" List?

Went out to breakfast. WB needed the break.
Got air in the tires
Grocery errands
Gas in the car
Back to the house
Sorted the dogs (feed, water, lap time, clean kennels, clean water bowls). Everyone is doing okay.
Got the chainsaw and equipment ready to begin cutting and clearing. 

I'm so glad that WB and Pup were here to help.  Had we waited until Monday or taken the dogs stuff today, we'd been in a pickle.

Got most of the trees cut and it looks great.  Had problems with both chainsaw but Pup and WB sorted it out.  Pup is fantastic at fixing things. He'd make a great teacher because he has such patience with people. He also anticipates what might be a good way to explain how things work. Very encouraging. This afternoon there was a big tree (for me) to be cut. When I explained that I found it to be rather scary, he looked at the tree and then said how he'd handle it. I was very happy to hear him say the words, "Mom, do a good job. If the job is worth doing? It's worth doing a good job." 
A natural born teacher.

WB cut at least 99% of the big trees and I started cutting the small ones. I should post photos. It looks really good.

Because there was down time with the chainsaw, vines in the trees, and because cutting trees can be physically tough,  we stopped cutting trees just before sunset. We were all tired. WB and Pup ran last minute errand and I stayed to look at what had been done today.  Tomorrow, WB will be asking what trees still need to be cut.  I have to know ahead so that he cut them without a lot of waiting.  I think that I'm good with what needs to be cut.  We won't be able to start early but we should get most of things done tomorrow.

Today's list
ran errands
went to the grocery
got gas/air in tires
got breakfast
sorted dogs (daily stuff)
cut trees
fixed chain saw
clipped small trees with loppers
short run to the local store
washed clothes
sort Big Pup
put out food for the pups for tomorrow
put up equipment
watch PBS
make sure we have clothes for tomorrow
put the dogs up so that we can get early start tomorrow
get an early sleep.


Hoping that it's just over cast but not raining.
Get errands done in AM
Put the corned beef on to cook
Hopefully finish cut trees next to kennel
Cut trees in front section
limb and move trees.
Get ready to burn small limbs.
Get water hoses out and clear burn area. There is supposed to be rain on Sunday.  If we can't burn limbs, we can sort them so that we'll be ready when there is time.  The important thing is that we have the trees down limbed and moved.
Possibly take the chainsaw in to be fixed.


We might be dodging rain on Sunday. If it's raining (do errands). If  not, (here's hoping)  use the day to cut any remaining limbs. There's church. Fix the fence.

And possibly burn limbs. Since it's supposed to rain some time on Sunday this would be a good time.


Bath for dogs
If I haven't already fix fence.
Clip toe nails
Errands in case we don't do it Sunday.
Clear out burn area
If we didn't do it Sunday, take the chainsaw in to be fixed.
Get movies for the weekend

Errands.  Just do errands and don't sweat it

chicken fencing
baby chicken pen
(this will really make me feel like I've done something!) :)

You have to
Start washing clothes and dishes in cabinets.
I read a great idea for cleaning closets. It suggested sending everyone out to the movies, putting on your favorite music, and pull everything out of the closet (sort).  I'm going to do the same with a twist. For a week, I'm going to pull clothes out of the closet, wash them, try them on, sort, vacume and get the dust bunnies. This is sooooo important because a clean closet just makes me happy. I clean kitchen does too.  I'm going to watch the movies that WB and Pup would rather not watch.

Romantic comedies here I come.

Lots to do but lots already done. It's really starting to look good. Now if we can just get the limbs sorted.

Hugs self. We're doing good.


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