Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Already done list.

up very early this AM.
dressed, got things in the car, took Big Dog outside to run, eat drink, and poop.
WB put dog in car (later we find out that he likes to sit in the back seat)
Pup gets his test and passes. I think that we have everything we need so that we can go to puppy school. I'm actually looking forward to it. I found out how much things will cost per dog.
got the things that I ordered. 2 don't fit so I'm sending them back (lucky me they cost about what it will cost to get heart worm med and rabies shot for the entire year.)
we run errands
get BBQ for lunch
come back to find that youth group is selling burgers and hot dog for fund raiser . Buy 2 and donate more for supplies.
Go home to hopefully burn limbs but it doesn't work.
Go out and cut more trees and begin sorting limbs to see what we'll need next
Work until it's dark
Have chicken, baked beans, and slaw for supper

Big Dog was really great. He wasn't thrilled about riding in the car but all and all I'm really proud of him

WB and Pup worked today. Glad to have all help.

Wash clothes


There will not be any problems with going to sleep!

The forecast is for rain tomorrow.  I really and truly hope that it doesn't .  So many people are going on Spring break this week. A lady at the vet was truly happy about the beautiful days that we've had.

If it rains there's things to do and if it doesn't there's outside work.



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