Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Monday was a pain day. Not much done. Good thing was that it rained to hard to work outside.

Monday's already done list is slim Started cleaning the kitchen when it became obvious that Monday was going to be a pain day. By the time WB got home, I rode with him to the store and the local restaurant so that they'd get things for supper, I was almost a sleep. Did get some correspondence taken care of so I can add that to the Already Done List. Decided that today (Tuesday) I was going make sure the dogs and chickens were sorted, take a bath, put on clean clothes and then work on the kitchen a bit but that's it. I don't hurt like I did last night. I just don't want to be hurting tomorrow when the sun is out. The pups need a bath and there's things to do outside. If I can get the kitchen cleaned, supper made, and get to bed early? I'll have had a busy day. Hugs world. Writer Ann

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