Sunday, March 30, 2014

Already done list for Saturday
ran errands
got lunch at Subway
washed, dried, folded clothes
unloaded/loaded dishwasher
working on Spring cleaning kitchen
let dogs run and cleaned kennels
pulled limbs
made Reuben sandwich for Pup
washed dishes in cabinets (Spring cleaning)
washed and dried blankets, towels, and bjeans.

Sunday AM
Alarm this AM was Big Dog barking
Stumbled out of bed
Sorted clothes for Spring wash in closet
unloaded dishwasher
fixed vegetable omelet for b fast (was great with chocolate milk!)
cooked biscuits (I love these little biscuits. They're going to be great New Years AM with smoked ham)
decided which cabinet shelf was next to spring clean/wash in dishwasher

That's it so far.
Have decided to cook spaghetti for lunch. also tea and apple cobbler to make up for not going out for  Sunday lunch.
will pull limbs today because the weather is excellent.
in between I want to wash and fold clothes in closet and wash dishes in cabinets. The way I Spring clean now is much better. Since there's a lot of sit around and wait time (and since I don't want to have the contents of the cabinets out nor do I want a mess should I have to stop and do something else.) , only cleaning one cabinet at a time is an excellent way to handle this.

I'm going to have clean sheets and blankets on the bed tonight. Nothing better than to have accomplished something, take a shower, put on clean clothes, hop into bed, read a little bit, turn off the lights, and then get some sleep. Since the day is pretty, the pups should have had enough exercise to be tuckered out by tonight.  Lights out and an early AM tomorrow. 

Now that is about as much of a "to do" list as I want to write.  Hopefully I'll have something to show for the day.

Kind regards.

Writer Ann

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