Thursday, January 19, 2012


Oh hurrah for me. I have a new skill to add to my growing list of talents.

This afternoon the sink began to gurgle and water began coming out where it shouldn't. This has happened before. When it has, WB goes into the shed and pulls out something called a "snake". Then he goes to the main clean out for the sewer and viola after much gnashing of teeth and many, many expletives following by the solemn swearing that we'll have to call an after hours plumber or worse one of those septic tank pumping trucks. There's  a gurgle and then miracle, the water flows to somewhere unseen.

Yes, I got the mainline to the septic tank unclogged. All by myself. Well not all by myself. Pup was here. He manned the washing machine, the toilets, the sink, and the telephone call to WB. I was the one to find the "snake", open the main line clean out, put in the "snake", and finally dislodge the clog. It was rank. It was gross. The green rubber boots that I wear when mucking the kennels and cleaning the chicken coop had to be sprayed with disinfectant.

But I did it.

Whooooossssh (and no butt crack to be seen).


AuthorAnn mainline, septic tank unclogger.

I am so proud.


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