Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fire Signals

"...In the water you can see the blue.  It's not the blue of clear. Water there is blue because it's so clear that the fragile light wave blue can be heard.  It's not that blue.  This is the blue glow of life.  Those little creature all there in the water drink in light and then at night they shine to the world the signal, 'I am alive.'  Like all the parts that together make a soul, there they float in the water.  The starlight dances with them.  On a full moon night, Bella Luna comes too.

On night watch, I sing to them. The sound of the sails and the wind sing the chorus. The constellations move past us as they dance. Frozen, in the Heavens, there in the water, their feet unbound.

Bella Luna.

She moves through the water and dances with the wind..."

c ford  11/20/13


Bella Luna?

Good name for a boat.  Better than the Selkies' Wife.  The Selkie  are like Cassiopeia. They're prisoners of their circumstance and someone else's greed.  But Bella Luna isn't.  Somewhere on Earth she dances with the sea. She moves. The sea moves.  The Earth moves.

And so too does my boat.

No woman on Earth will name my boat but me.

I'm thinking?

Bella Luna.

Humph.  I miss Newt. I'm thinking that Newt would appreciate this.



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