Saturday, November 23, 2013


Tee Hee.
I woke up this morning and thought,

"Holy moly. Today is the 23rd of Novemeber.  WB is off all week.  Thanksgiving is coming. So is Chanukah, Black Friday shopping, and the first day of the Christmas holiday. 

I get to indulge in my love of decorations without the neighbors thinking I've lost it.

Most important?
After last years disaster of an IronBowl?
After our favorite Thanksgiving tradition burned to a crisp? 

This holiday is gonna be different."

THIS is my year! 

From now until January 2013?

Par-tay and festivities.
 &I'm gonna blog about it.
Get ready.

How about we start with a walk in the forrest with the two men I'd most like to get caught in a snow storm with.






1 comment:

  1. And then it happened. Both Pup and WB get hit upside the head by the Intestinal Flu Bunny.

    Bad Bunny.