Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Please give what help you can to the tornado victims in Indiana....

I didn't want to write a post without first urging anyone reading this to help the storm victims both in Philippines and in the northern Midwest (tornado victims). It's so terrible what has happened.

Now for today's post...

Sometimes there is just a limit to how close a person can get to another...

Lol  Duplicate Youtube?
You know what that means?!?!?!?

It's time for Youtube Duets.

So Click the first Youtube then count one or two or 5 or 6 seconds then click the next one.


Youtube Duets!


I love this song and the idea of it.   It reminds me of Love Among the Porcupines by C A Ford.

(Great book or it will be when it's published.)


Now this song?

It makes my dog howl.  For real. I was just listening to it and my dog began to bark and ...

I love my dog.

I get all emo and he sets me straight.

Kind of "Idiot human! Get your brain out of your "head" and do important things like  pet me!"

Great dog.

Live in the moment then Blog stupid... .




  1. 8 seconds apart for the youtube duet above is perfection

  2. 11 seconds is magic for the visual Lumineers Stubborn Love find it after the end of Take you Higher Goodwill, Hook n Sling

  3. haven't worked out Hey Ho for Lumineers but I'm thinking that it's a good duet song too