Sunday, December 8, 2013


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  1. I'm sitting here at the kitchen table with my son. He's listening to this song, I think, for the first time today. I'm reading aloud so if this is factually incorrect he'll let me know. Oh lord he's talkin this to death, right now, things like "what is now? And what is today? " And now correcting me further by saying, "Not really." and saying "inaccurate". If it were up to me? I'd have him be a writer. At first my mouth wanted to form the words, "lawyer" but I wouldn't have him bound to logic in such a forced way. This is a starship pilot in worlds we've yet to see. How can I bind him to this Earth?

    The song is for him.

    It is also for the parts of the spiral that came before.

    His grand fathers. His greatgrandfathers. And for me too. Because even if in some worlds the line is from male to male. In him there is both the male and female. We've collectively poured the strength of all into him as he will to his children and they will to theirs. I taught him to read. I was able to do this because my father taught me to read. He was desparate that his mistake would not remain one. I am grateful. My son doesn't know it yet, but he will be able to teach his children no matter the circumstance.

    My father wanted to be an explorer. He built his boat and sailed it to be a captain of the sea. My mother beat him into practicality. Sold his sails and made him say that it was alright. We are captains of the stars. Our story is long.

    One day he will be flung into the Heaven. He'll go back to where he came. Until then. I am forced to be content with knowing there is still time that I can visit with him here.