Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dear Readers,

As you know 12dotsandablot is a fiction writer's blog. 

I have to write following because it's Christmas and my mom might be reading.

Dear Mom and Dad,

As you know, fiction writer's are born of practice.  If I were a musician, I might practice in a rehearsal hall.  I'd practice on the playing field, if I were football player. Writer's practice too.

This is my rehearsal hall.

Here I write all kinds of things and people (at least from the looks of the stats) read it. 

If I am to become a good writer, I will need to be able to write a believable character. Mom, you've read almost all of Sue Grafton's novels and John Grisham's.  You know that not all the characters are squeaky clean.  You would probably not even read through the E novel if they had been. You would think that they were boring.  I am sorry that I used the words "fuck you" on one of the earlier posts.

It was appropriate.

Will try to keep it clean while trying to learn to write novel that will pay for that cabin on the lake.

Happy, happy,


Your daughter Ann


Merry Christmas.


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